Total Workforce Solutions

Supporting the delivery of the right resource at the right time for the right cost

Workforce Solutions for Healthcare Providers


We partner with public and private healthcare providers to deliver your workforce strategy; reducing reliance on agency staff with strategic procurement activities that meets the holistic workforce demands of your organisation and deliver the right resource at the right time for the right cost. We are here to support your short-term needs whilst providing the procurement tools and expertise to develop the medium and long-term resourcing strategies that enable change and improved patient care.

Rostering & Demand Management Technology
Technology that lays at the heart of your workforce planning and healthcare management strategy.

Managed & Collaborative Bank Solutions
We offer enhanced bank solutions to best utilise your substantive and limited hours workforce to its maximum capability.

Strategic Recruitment Solutions
Maximise the recruitment relationships and services that you utilise to enhance successful outcomes and reduce agency spend at your sites.

Agency Staffing Services
Plan, structure and tailor strategies with us for managing your agency staffing services across all staffing groups.


Comprehensive Support to Meet Your Requirements

Every aspect of our framework aims to empower healthcare providers to deliver safe, compassionate care – in an efficient and financially sustainable manner.


Tailored Staffing Solutions

From procurement support to workforce planning expertise, you get exactly what you need to comply with NHS Improvement mandates, reduce your agency spend and deliver high-quality patient care. This includes our NHS-leading break-glass controls, which have caps on secondary rate cards.



Experienced Point of Contact

Healthcare providers regularly comment on the knowledgeable, responsive service they get from our team, describing the relationship as a valuable partnership that helps deliver the right resource at the right time.



Robust Independent Auditing Process

We lead the way with our enhanced audit processes, which we’ve developed over 5 years. Every supplier is subject to rigorous due diligence, and all healthcare professionals pass through meticulous NHS Employment checks with added IR35 Assurance and alignment to the Core Skills Training Framework as standard.



Short, Medium & Long-Term Resourcing Strategies

We partner with healthcare providers to develop sourcing strategies that meet your workforce requirements, helping to reduce reliance on agency staff and manage skills in a controlled, proactive manner.



Mediation Services

You get complete peace of mind when you partner with our supplier community. We’ve carefully selected the 230 awarded suppliers on our framework, all of which work constructively with our experienced mediators to resolve any questions or concerns you have.



Top Caps League Tables

Provider-specific and data-driven, these league tables give you a quick and easy way to benchmark agency staff procurement and learn from other providers. This tool allows you to select suppliers that have demonstrated adherence to caps in specific band and grade options, regionally and by provider.


“Warrington and Halton Hospitals has worked extensively with HealthTrust Europe (HTE) in establishing a Cheshire and Merseyside Collaborative Cluster approach to agency demand. HTE has been fundamental to the success of this on-going project providing category expertise and a consistent approach throughout which is very much viewed as a partnership. Without the support of HTE the project would not be at the stage it is at; rates have been considerably reduced, we have a standardised pool of agencies and we have introduced a robust break glass process”


Alison Parker, Head of Procurement at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“The Trust has already started to see the benefits of taking a collaborative approach – engaging managers have better visibility of our preferred Agencies and greater clarity on the pricing thereby improving our framework compliance rate. By acting collectively in the region we have successfully pushed back to ensure that rates are in step with the NHSI Cap Rates for all nursing and Medical Locum staff groups. This is an excellent initiative that demonstrates the power of working together”


James Mawrey, Director of Workforce at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“The Trust has adopted a robust yet transparent stance with the agencies that has led to improved administrative processes and procedures and reduced the rates towards the agency caps introduced by NHS Improvement. It is envisaged that this long term partnership will enhance the purchasing power of all trusts and that further savings will be delivered in the future”


Steve Barrow, Deputy Director of Finance at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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