Purchasing Power and Total Spend Management Solutions

HealthTrust Europe is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through an aligned membership model, and the delivery of total spend management advisory solutions that leverage our operator experience, scale and innovation.

We are owned by Hospital Corporation of America - HCA is the largest non-governmental healthcare organisation in the world, comprised of 170 hospitals, 6 of which are in the UK, and employs 233,000 people globally. The company is driven by the care and improvement of human life.

HealthTrust is a subsidiary of HCA and operates as a Total Spend Management solutions company for healthcare providers. Globally, HealthTrust serves approximately 1,600 acute care facilities and members in more than 26,000 other locations, and leverages $30B of spend to negotiate cost saving opportunities and best terms for its members.

As part of a leading international healthcare organisation, HealthTrust Europe is underpinned by world-leading expertise and best practice; aligned to support its members to achieve consistently superior quality, safety, service and best pricing that is needed to deliver enhanced patient care and financial sustainability.

What Makes Us Unique

The foundation of the HealthTrust Europe model is a patient-focused mission, led by experienced clinical leaders and member advisory boards who conduct a rigorous product vetting and approval process. We take clinical and commercial requirements to market on behalf of our members; this aggregated spend and commitment allows us to move market share and drive unparalleled value (Quality, Safety, Service, Price).

This industry-differentiating process drives all contract decisions—ensuring alignment to the highest quality products at the industry’s best prices. The member ‘reward’ is an industry-leading, sustainable price advantage that no other GPO can duplicate.

HealthTrust Europe members share our strategic sourcing strategy which is focused on standardisation and category expansion with aligned decision-making that creates ultimate purchasing power. Our members benefit from shared international knowledge and expertise that inform our procurement and supply chain strategies locally.

We invite you to contact us and learn how our GPO and Total Spend Management solutions can work for you.

The knowledge and expertise of the HTE team was invaluable to me and my clinical colleagues during the process and post-contract award.