Enhanced Total Workforce Solutions Framework for Agency Staffing Launched

Framework supports trusts to achieve greater control over agency staff administration and costs while making it easy to comply with NHS Improvement mandates

Birmingham, England – Tuesday 1st November – HealthTrust Europe’s Total Workforce Solutions Framework is now available to trusts across the UK providing a single point of contact to access hundreds of suppliers nationwide and making it easy to control the time and resources spent on agency staff procurement. With coverage extending to medical locums, GPs, nursing and care professionals, allied health professionals, health science service workers and non-medical non-clinical staff, including executive positions, the Total Workforce Solutions Framework helps trusts fill temporary, fixed-term and permanent contracts across the UK.

“We engaged with trusts nationwide when designing the staffing model for our new framework, which supports them to achieve greater control over the entire process, from procurement through to pricing and supplier accountability. Our Total Workforce Solutions Framework is about fostering a partnership with trusts and the supplier community. Every aspect of our approach supports trusts to deliver the best possible care – in an efficient and financially sustainable manner,” said Jonathan Wedgbury, CEO of HealthTrust Europe.

NHS Improvement (formerly Monitor/TDA) requires all trusts, subject to agency rules, to procure agency staff via an approved framework provider. HealthTrust Europe is an approved provider offering comprehensive support to trusts.

“Warrington and Halton Hospitals has worked extensively with HealthTrust Europe (HTE) in establishing a Cheshire and Merseyside Collaborative Cluster approach to agency demand. HTE has been fundamental to the success of this on-going project providing category expertise and a consistent approach throughout, which is very much viewed as a partnership. Without the support of HTE the project would not be at the stage it is at; rates have been considerably reduced, we have a standardised pool of agencies and we have introduced a robust break glass process.” said Alison Parker, Head of Procurement at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“One of our key differentiators is our enhanced independent auditing process; one that far exceeds basic NHS Employment Check Standards. Every agency on our roster is subject to rigorous due diligence. All professionals put forward by our framework suppliers have passed meticulous checks to verify their qualifications, references and right to work, giving trusts piece of mind and helping raise standards across the NHS.” said Gary Snart, Category Manager at HealthTrust Europe.

In situations where trusts must ‘break glass’, HealthTrust Europe ensures framework delivery of agency staff in line with price caps. “We’re leading the way with our ‘break glass’ controls, which include caps on secondary rate cards. If trusts have to break glass, we help them achieve the best possible rates. To illustrate our success, for example, in just one month we supported trusts in reducing above-cap transactions for nursing by seven percent,” added Snart.

All trusts that use the Total Workforce Solutions Framework also receive HealthTrust Europe Top Caps League Tables, which benchmark agency staff procurement and make it easy for trusts to learn from each other. Trust-specific and data-driven, the league tables give trusts a quick and easy way to select suppliers that have demonstrated adherence to caps in specific band and grade options, regionally and by trust.

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