Continence Home Delivery Service

HealthTrust Europe is offering a new framework for the provision of continence products.

This category covers home delivery service of products to assist with continence care maintenance. The services included in this framework gives participants the opportunity to decide between a fully managed continence home delivery service, where the supplier will input the patient prescriptions, or a partially managed home delivery service.

Award Summary

This is a multi-source contract with 3 suppliers. Key products and services include the following categories:

  • Wearable Continence Products:
    • Rectangular
    • Shaped
    • All-in-one
    • Belted
    • Pull-ups
    • Nappies (Paediatric range)
    • Liner Pads
    • Male Products
    • Bariatric Products
    • Fixation products, including but not limited to: Stretch Pants, Fixation Pants
  • Disposable and washable under pads:
    • Disposable under pads
    • Washable under pads
  • Ancillary Items
    • Water soluble barrier cream containing paraffin and/or zinc oxide
    • Continence wipes – Disposable and single use wet or dry wipes in a non-woven material, suitable for all skin types and pH neutral

Additional Information

The suppliers awarded to the framework will also support participating authorities with clinical training, which includes patient assessment and product selection.

The framework is set-up so customers can be added via direct award, which allows them to access the framework virtually instantly dependent on the customer’s requirements.

How Do I Access the Framework?

For further information regarding this framework agreement, please speak to your Account Manager.

Alternatively, please contact the Customer Care team on 0845 887 5000 or by email at

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