COVID-19 Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services

HealthTrust Europe (HTE) Framework Agreement for COVID-19 Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services offers customers a compliant route to the market-leading providers within the COVID-19 testing market. The scope of the Framework Agreement includes equipment, consumables, and associated services for point of care COVID-19 testing and laboratory COVID-19 testing.

The framework is split into 2 Lots. Lot 1(COVID-19 Point of Care Testing Equipment and Associated Consumables) includes handheld devices, bench-top devices, connected and non-connected devices, as well as consumables, such as test strips and cassettes, and other products that can be properly described as point of care or near-patient testing for COVID-19. Lot 2 (COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services) includes equipment, consumables, and services which are required for any type of COVID testing within a laboratory setting.

The framework agreement has been awarded to several market-leading providers and is available to access via direct award, hybrid award and mini competition. Each supplier awarded onto the Framework Agreement has been vetted against a rigorous selection process and awarded accordingly.

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