Diagnostic Service Solutions

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Diagnostic Service Solutions supports the clinical needs of our member trusts in the following ways: Supports faster diagnosis of patients, therefore impacting on patient outcomes. Helps to relieve the backlog for high throughput laboratories and radiology departments to outsourced clinicians, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic. Allows for upscaling of Trust’s […]

Haemofiltration Equipment and Consumables

Our agreement for Supply of Haemofiltration Equipment and Consumables provides a comprehensive range of products and services for renal replacement therapy for use mainly by intensive care units to treat acute kidney injury, multiple organ dysfunction and sepsis. The Framework Agreement is free to access by NHS Trusts or other public bodies as well as […]

Digital Pathology Solutions

HealthTrust Europe’s (HTE’s) Framework Agreement for Digital Pathology Solutions offers a simple and compliant route to market for the procurement of all equipment, software and services associated with Digital Pathology to suit the needs of each Participating Authority or network. This includes WSI Scanners, Medical Grade Workstations, Gross Imaging Equipment and Software, Microscope Cameras, Image […]

COVID-19 Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services

HealthTrust Europe (HTE) Framework Agreement for COVID-19 Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services offers customers a compliant route to the market-leading providers within the COVID-19 testing market. The scope of the Framework Agreement includes equipment, consumables, and associated services for point of care COVID-19 testing and laboratory COVID-19 testing. The framework is split into 2 […]

Managed Equipment Service Contract

HealthTrust Europe is able to provide bespoke contracting solutions for customers requiring pathology Managed Equipment Service Contracts (the “MSCs”). The MSC enables customers to enter into a long-term partnership with an industry leading supplier for the provision of pathology equipment, maintenance, support and associated consumables. We will work in partnership with customers to facilitate an […]

Pre-Poured & Bottled Culture Media

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Pre-Poured and Bottled Culture Media offers a full provision of pre-poured culture media, bottled culture media, chromogenic media and antibiotic susceptibility testing products, as well as any associated consumables. The framework consists of four lots, three of which include growth media and the associated consumables required, and one that provides […]

Pathology Sample Transport Service Contract

HealthTrust Europe is able to provide bespoke contracting for customers requiring outsourced Pathology Sample Transport Services. These services include optimisation of sample routing, GP and acute site sample collection and delivery, sample and vehicle tracking and delivery of associated consumables. We will facilitate an OJEU compliant, negotiated procurement process to ensure delivery of Services which […]

Blood & Specimen Collection Systems and Accessories

HealthTrust Europe’s Blood & Specimen Collection Systems and Accessories framework agreement provides access to market-leading suppliers within this category that can offer all of your blood and specimen collection requirements, including everything from tubes and lancets through to tourniquets. Any new products to the market from participating suppliers will be added to the framework as […]