Neurology, Spine Surgery Goods and Services

HealthTrust Europe’s Neurology, Spine Surgery framework provides a wide range of goods and services to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate disorders which affect the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, central and peripheral nervous system and cerebrovascular system. This also includes treating spinal pathologies and the associated goods and services.

CPAP, BiPAP, NIV and Sleep and Respiratory Support Services

This Framework Agreement is for the supply of CPAP, BiPAP, NIV, Sleep Therapy Devices and Consumables to enable diagnosis and treatment of patients requiring sleep therapy and respiratory support. The agreement also provides a complete ‘one stop shop’ solution to enable diagnosis and treatment of patients, including the provision of qualified physiologists. The devices and […]

Disposable Procedure Packs

The Disposable Procedure Packs Framework Agreement awarded by HealthTrust Europe (HTE) is designed to support the NHS and other Public Sector Organisations in purchasing procedure packs of various descriptions from a range of reputable suppliers. The framework agreement also offers a simple, compliant and flexibility route to competitive pricing, either by the direct award criterion […]

Supply of Goods and Distribution Services

HealthTrust Europe’s framework for the Supply of Goods and Distribution Services provides customers the opportunity to purchase their requirement through framework approved distributors at agreed prices inclusive of the distribution costs. Suppliers will hold the customers stock bespoke to their need and ship them in the quantities required, releasing inventory space at customers premises. This […]

Patient Pressure Monitoring

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Patient Pressure Monitoring offers a range of compliant solutions from Market leading suppliers for healthcare providers, ICU, Cardiologists and Nurses who care for critically ill patients and use invasive haemodynamic monitoring products.

Safe Patient Moving and Handling Equipment

HealthTrust Europe’s Framework agreement offers a compliant route to sourcing solutions used for aiding the transport and to support the moving of patients in either a Hospital, Residential or Patient Home Environment. We are able to provide a Total Managed Service Solution – acting as a one stop shop for a suite of modules including […]

Patient Mobility Products and Services

HealthTrust Europe’s Framework Agreement for Patient Mobility Products and Services has been created to support healthcare providers with achieving and maintaining clinical excellence in the delivery of mobility related patient care. The agreement encompasses prosthetics, orthoses, wheelchair products, assessment and repair services, specialist seating, mobility aids and accessories. Key products and services include the following: […]

Endometrial Ablation, Uterine Tissue Removal Systems & Associated Products

HealthTrust Europe’s Framework Agreement for Endometrial Ablation, Uterine Tissue Removal Systems and Associated Products provides a range of devices and associated products to support the delivery of appropriate treatment and patient care aimed at improving women’s health and quality of life. Key products and services include: Endometrial ablation devices and associated products including, but not […]

Pacemakers, ICD’s CRT’s, Loop Recorders, Leads and Accessories

HealthTrust Europe’s Framework for Pacemakers, ICD’s CRT’s, Loop Recorders, Leads and Accessories offers a simple, compliant route to market for the procurement of products to support the treatments and monitoring of heart rhythm disorders. This Framework provides access to innovative technology and includes on-going clinical support, training and education which can be specifically tailored to […]

Urology Equipment and Consumables

HealthTrust Europe’s Framework for Urology Equipment and Consumables offers general and interventional Urology equipment and consumables. This framework covers consumables and capital equipment and offers the latest innovative products. Ongoing clinical support and training is provided free of charge.