HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement covers Radiopharmaceuticals, products/kits and the generators required by the nuclear medicine department. Radiopharmaceuticals are agents used to diagnose certain medical problems or treat certain diseases. They may be given to the patient in several different ways, for example, they may be given by mouth, injection, or placed into the eye or […]

Pharmacy Automated Solutions

HealthTrust Europe’s Pharmacy Automated Solutions framework covers requirements for robotics and automated equipment suitable for ward use and pharmacies. This includes medication dispensing, packaging, labelling, storage, retrieval of medications and can help pharmacies streamline the workflow and reduce the risk of errors. The framework agreement also covers the supply of robotic aseptic compounding systems, software […]

Pre-Poured & Bottled Culture Media

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Pre-Poured and Bottled Culture Media offers a full provision of pre-poured culture media, bottled culture media, chromogenic media and antibiotic susceptibility testing products, as well as any associated consumables. The framework consists of four lots, three of which include growth media and the associated consumables required, and one that provides […]

Parenteral Nutrition

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Parenteral Nutrition offers the Participating Authority a compliant route to the market’s leading nutritional providers. This framework agreement covers all aspects of Parenteral Nutrition, whilst also allowing for the Participating Authority to partake in a committed spend mini-competition to further drive added value. This can also be undertaken as a […]

Medical Gases

The HealthTrust Europe Medical Gases framework agreement is for the supply and rental of medical compressed gases in cylinders. Medical gases and their associated equipment are widely used for treating patients in hospitals, at home and by the emergency services. The framework agreement is a direct call-off arrangement and free to access. After initial contact, […]

Liquid Medical Gases

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Liquid Medical Gases is for the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of liquid gas storage tanks, ancillary equipment and medical liquid gases. By using the framework, customers can obtain liquid medical gases through an EU compliant framework with robust contractual terms and conditions through which they can competitively source their […]

Pathology Sample Transport Service Contract

HealthTrust Europe is able to provide bespoke contracting for customers requiring outsourced Pathology Sample Transport Services. These services include optimisation of sample routing, GP and acute site sample collection and delivery, sample and vehicle tracking and delivery of associated consumables. We will facilitate an OJEU compliant, negotiated procurement process to ensure delivery of Services which […]

Aseptically Prepared Dosebanded Medicines

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for the supply of Aseptically Prepared Dose Banded Medicines offers a compliant route to market for the supply of a range of aseptically prepared; batch manufactured anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs in ready-to-administer presentations and agreed dose bands. The framework agreement also covers the manufacturing and supply of patient specific chemotherapy. All doses are based […]

Blood & Specimen Collection Systems and Accessories

HealthTrust Europe’s Blood & Specimen Collection Systems and Accessories framework agreement provides access to market-leading suppliers within this category that can offer all of your blood and specimen collection requirements, including everything from tubes and lancets through to tourniquets. Any new products to the market from participating suppliers will be added to the framework as […]