Medical/Surgical Contract Portfolio

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Medical/Surgical Portfolio

We understand that commitment-based purchasing may require engagement from multiple stakeholders at your organisation. Our existing MedSurg portfolio of contracts offers a simple engagement process enabling access immediately and can include discounts based on volume to start your journey to join our GPO.

Continence Delivery Service

The continence products and services required for a complete home delivery service are provided through this framework, which uses four market leading suppliers. These suppliers provide a full offering of continence products to fully satisfy client requirements. Continence products that are supplied as a minimum include shaped, rectangular, all-in-one, pull-ups, belted, male products, paediatric range and washable products. A fully managed service provision is also offered; this can be part or fully managed depending on client specification.

Dental and Orthodontic Consumables

Our simple three-lot structured framework provides access to a vast range of products covering dental consumables, dental implants and orthodontic brackets and braces from a range of market-leading suppliers. This free-to-access direct award framework offers healthcare providers a compliant route to market for their complete dental and orthodontic requirements. The framework provides the incentive for customers to consolidate their requirement with one supplier.

Endoscopy Consumables

Our framework agreement captures all endoscopy consumable products used in Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and ERCP. Products available include balloons, biliary ERCP, biopsy, catheters, cannulae, capsule endoscopy, cleaning equipment, clips, cytology brushes, dilatation, endoscopic ultra sound (EUS), enteral feeding, forceps, guidewires, haemostasis, ligators, metal stents, needles, plastic stents, snares, sphincterotomes and accessories. The framework is accessible via direct award with various spend bandings and discount options available.

Pressure Area Care

This framework includes the market leaders in pressure area care, medical beds and related services, allowing customers to tailor the solution that best suits their requirements. A comprehensive range of products and services is provided for use within acute care, long term care, nursing homes and home care and community care. The agreement covers ad-hoc rental, long term rental, capital purchase and provides for a full range of services, including decontamination, repair, maintenance, clinical support and disposal. The framework is accessible on a direct award basis.

Custom Procedure Packs

Customised procedure packs offer a tailored service which ensures that our customers get the packs they need while delivering cost saving opportunities. Save time prepping for procedure and ensure that all the correct items are immediately available. Our free-to-access framework offers a compliant route to market with comprehensive clinical support and contract management through the full term of the contract. All appointed suppliers have been rigorously vetted in terms of their quality and value propositions.

Surgical Stapling and Laparoscopic Accessories

Our framework offers both Endo-Mechanical and Energy devices used in Laparoscopic procedures for the interventional diagnosis and treatment of conditions in general and bariatric surgery, as well as gastrointestinal health, gynaecology and surgical oncology. This framework is available on a direct award basis and is categorised into six product groups that include all Surgical Stapling and Laparoscopic accessories. All appointed suppliers have been rigorously vetted through a robust, compliant evaluation process. Single and spend/volume band contract discount prices are available.

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