Driven by global standards, HealthTrust Europe’s inSightSM e-procurement solution provides automation of key purchasing functions for NHS providers; subsequently reducing errors, improving the quality of information and increasing productivity. This ultimately results in significant financial savings and better patient care.

The inSight platform consists of four key components; e-Catalogue, e-Commerce, Inventory Management and Spend Analytics. Each component contains different modules or services to offer complete flexibility with member needs. These components can be implemented individually or as a package and can either fully integrate with, or replace, existing Trust systems.

Offering access to a highly intuitive, GS1 accredited e-catalogue module and a PEPPOL compliant e-commerce module, the inSight solution focuses on improving the availability of catalogue data at the point-of-use by client organisations and facilitating electronic trading with suppliers.


  • The e-Catalogue component offers members the ability to host and manage all HealthTrust Europe, local and third party content within the same environment. This includes access to a fully featured cloud-based web-shop offering highly advance catalogue searching, simple requisition generation and customisable approvals workflow.
  • The e-Commerce component offers a full EDI exchange for business documents, including purchase orders, purchase order acknowledgements, advance shipping notices and invoices. This incredibly powerful module enables users to configure automated business rules against any attribute of an inbound or outbound transaction; such as automated price variance checks against updated catalogue files or contract adherence checks against invoice lines.
  • The Inventory Management module delivers the enhanced visibility and control of stock items within departments and central stock locations as part of an internal hospital economy, including easy integration with handheld devices.
  • HealthTrust Europe is participating in a global Spend Analytics programme with its parent organisation HealthTrust. This service includes a bill checking dashboard, providing detailed reporting on all discrepancies identified by the compliance and quality checks defined within the e-Commerce module.

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What support and training do you offer during and post implementation?

HealthTrust Europe provides specific training packages for all customised system modules via:

  • Online video tutorials
  • Live online demonstrations and webinars
  • Classroom based sessions
  • On-site Training

We do not charge any implementation fees to members and training is included within the solution costs. Our team will work with your designated training department or super users to transfer all required knowledge and training resources during implementation to ensure a sustainable methodology is in place.

All members who access the solution will automatically be invited to join the inSight User Group, which will meet once per quarter. This group is designed to:

  • Explain updates and enhancements
  • Detail development and supplier enablement plans
  • Determine development areas
  • Provide training
  • Capture user experiences
  • Encourage best practice
  • Enable members to get the most from the solution

HealthTrust Europe also has a dedicated support team in place to resolve any issues or queries.

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What support or resource is needed from the Trust?

A successful project implementation will require leads from all key departments involved, principally; Procurement, Finance, IT, Training (if not already incorporated in the aforementioned) and any end user departments involved. We also recommend a Project Manager is appointed locally to champion the programme and take responsibility for decision-making, communication, co-ordination and act as a point of escalation where required. HealthTrust Europe will provide project management, catalogue support and technical consultancy resource throughout the implementation, which may very well run in to multiple phases. It is important to us that all clients feel comfortable they have access to a strong and capable team who will provide crucial support throughout the on-going change programme.

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Can you help me manage my catalogue?

HealthTrust Europe has extensive experience in catalogue management and a team in place to help you. We recognise that maintaining a sufficient level of control over the scale and dynamic nature of supplier catalogues is a challenging task. Our Content Management Service is designed to address this challenge and to present further cost savings beyond technology alone. This service enables you to transfer responsibility for managing all catalogue content to HealthTrust Europe, including; supplier liaison, content enrichment, data loading, generating department level catalogue views and ensuring timely delivery of content at point-of-use. This fully managed service will not only improve the quality and coverage of your catalogue, but reduce the costs of its management, enabling you to better utilise the scarce procurement resource available for more valuable activities.

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How long does implementation take?

Our e-Catalogue and Inventory Management modules can be implemented within a few short weeks; this includes creation of your client-specific environment and migration of current data. The time required for completion of a technical integration with your procurement or finance system varies dependent upon the system vendor and version, but this can also be done quickly. Access to the Content Management Service can start immediately, as soon as you agree to implement inSight.


Our e-Commerce module can also be implemented within a few short weeks. We then recommend that supplier enablement is organised in a series of phases, ideally starting with an initial group of ten priority suppliers. Suppliers that are already connected to inSight can be enabled immediately, otherwise we recommend allowing a minimum of 8 weeks for suppliers to go through the registration and connection process. HealthTrust Europe can either handle this entire process on your behalf or just provide technical support if you prefer. The Spend Analytics module is available immediately as soon as transactions start flowing through the solution.

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What impact will there be on my current Procurement and Finance systems?

The inSight platform does not require you to change any procurement or finance information systems, nor is system integration a requirement to enjoy the vast majority of the benefits available. There is no software to be installed; the solution is entirely cloud-based. The solution can integrate with all modern information systems and transfer data via EDI directly in to back-end systems if requested. HealthTrust Europe will not charge any inSight integration fees and you will only be required to fund any one-off third party integration costs. We expect these costs to be nominal and are liaising directly with system providers to reduce them where possible and leverage any economies of scale.

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How can I find out more?

We will be delighted to provide you with a copy of our client information pack and schedule either an online or on-site demonstration, whichever you prefer. Please contact our Customer Care team on 0845 887 5000 or email 

A solution demonstration is also available for suppliers, as well as a downloadable inSight Supplier Information Pack

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How do I access and use the Catalog360 Circle?

Download our Supplier Guidance Document which provides a step-by-step guide for suppliers completing the following activities:

1. Connecting to a customer with catalog360 Circle
2. Confirming orders 
3. Telling your customer the order has been shipped