Pharmacy Portfolio

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Pharmacy Portfolio

Our Pharmacy portfolio offers a range of contracts that covers the full spectrum from Pharmaceuticals and Medical Gases to Radiology Reporting Services, and we specialise in automation, outpatient dispensing and managed services; enabling us to tailor solutions that optimise hospital pharmacy services holistically.

Aseptically Prepared Dose Banded Medicines

Our Aseptically Prepared Dose Banded Medicines framework offers a range of ready to use presentations primarily within the oncology treatment area. Dose banding allows for the standardisation of chemotherapy medicines by grouping together a set of pre-defined ranges allowing for batch manufacturing in place of bespoke, driving efficiencies and reducing risk. The framework offers over twenty molecules in varying dose bands from three market leading suppliers, which have been fully vetted and have tendered fixed prices for the lifespan of the contract.

Homecare Services

Our framework for Dispensing and Delivery Services, Low and Mid Tech Homecare offers a compliant route to the market’s leading homecare providers ensuring your patients get the best possible service from companies that you trust. The framework covers all low and mid-tech homecare, along with a broad range of consumables from suppliers that have been rigorously vetted for quality, safety and high levels of service. Suppliers work in partnership to ensure patient safety and prescribed treatments are delivered in accordance with the agreed Medicines Pathway.

Medical Gases

Our Medical Gases framework agreement offers a simple, compliant route to market for the supply and rental of medical compressed gases in cylinders. Medical Gases and their associated equipment are widely used for treating patients in hospitals, at home, and by the emergency services. By using this framework, healthcare providers can obtain medical gases through a compliant route to market and robust terms which provide assurance regarding quality of suppliers. The framework can be accessed by a direct award and is free-to-access.

Pharmacy Automation

Our framework for Pharmacy Automation supports healthcare providers eliminate the opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing, ultimately increasing patient safety. It decreases human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing and dispensing unit dose medications, helps increase pharmacy staff efficiency and provides documentation for regulatory compliance. Our framework offers a compliant route to market with competitive prices for pharmacy robotics and ward based automation.

Radiology Reporting

Our Radiology Reporting framework offers high quality reporting services provided competitively and delivered to meet the operational needs of Imaging Departments. Report types include plain films, CT plain films, MRI, comparison / complex and out of hours. Prices offered under the framework vary according to the mix of case work (modality), turnaround time and number of parts under examination. The framework can be access via direct award and offers further volume based discount thresholds.

X-Ray Contrast Media

Our X-Ray Contrast Media framework covers ionic contrast media, non-ionic contrast media, gadolinium based contrast media, barium products and other contrast media. The framework agreement is accessed via direct award. Our awarded suppliers can provide a comprehensive range of products and will fully support any training requirements. Each of the vetted suppliers has tendered fixed prices, with discounts available depending on the volume of the contract.  All prices are fixed for life of the contract.

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