Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s Infusion Pumps and Giving Sets framework brief offers access to a range of IV pumps, giving sets and associated equipment for every clinical need, satisfying all requirements in one framework. This multi-supplier direct award agreement ensures that patients will receive the highest quality care, whilst providing a beneficial solution for all parties involved. Each of the appointed suppliers have been rigorously vetted in terms of their quality and value propositions through a robust, compliant evaluation process, with clinical input. 

Quick and easy to access: You’ll find that the on-boarding process is simple with just the completion of a Framework Order Form, followed by the call off-agreement. 

Compliant route to Market : The framework agreement is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and EU procurement directives. You will not need to carry out your own EU compliant tender and therefore will save a great deal of time and resources by choosing to on-board with HealthTrust Europe. 

 Quality and Safety Benefits: 

  • Dose Error Reporting Software (DERS)
  • Automatic calculations of drug dose specific to the patient
  • Auto-programming of parameters
  • Remote upload of drug libraries 
  • Audit trail provided by remote reporting
  • Data transfer direct to patient records 
  • Stand-alone or integrated with electronic prescribing and barcode administration systems 
  • Maintenance due date management 
  • Device location management Service Benefits 
  • Provision of training for both new and established infusion systems 
  • Potential for partnerships with suppliers to deliver a fully integrated infusion process 
  • Fully or partially managed service/maintenance schedule 

Lot 1: Volumetric Pumps An infusion pumps used to accurately deliver intravascular drugs, fluids, whole blood, and blood products to the patient. A linear peristaltic or piston cassette pump insert is utilised to control the prescribed infusion volume.  

Lot 2: Syringe Driver/Pump The syringe pump utilises an electronically controlled electric moto to drive a plastic syringe plunger for drug delivery. Accurate syringe size and placement in the pump are imperative.  

Lot 3: Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Infusion Pumps An electronic pump that allows the patient to control their own drug delivery by using a hand-held control. It employs predetermined settings with define limits in respect to frequency and dosage.  

Lot 4: Epidural Infusion Pumps A pump used to give pain relief drugs continuously through the epidural catheter. 

 Lot 5: Ambulatory Infusion Pumps A portable, battery-powered device. Most devices have minimal alarms; therefore, close attention to administration observations is strongly advised. Portable devices are not recommended for the constant delivery of critical drugs. 

 Lot 6: Disposable Infusion Pumps Disposable pump used for the application of medication – with a balloon-like reservoir that is filled with the drug/fluid intended to infuse. 

 Lot 7: Anaesthesia Infusion Pumps A pump to infuse local anaesthesia for pain relief.  

Lot 8: Enteral/Parenteral Feeding Infusion Pumps A pump programmed to deliver continuous or intermittent feeding administered via enteral or parenteral. 

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