Contract Overview

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) framework agreement for the supply of third party Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Services commenced from 2nd May 2017 for the period of 4 years. 

The Framework Agreement encompasses a wide range of mobile diagnostic imaging services, including MRI, X-Ray, CT, Mammography, PET CT, Cardiac Cath Lab and Mobile Densitometry. 

All appointed suppliers have been rigorously evaluated through a robust, compliant process which verifies their quality and value propositions. 

  • Market leading suppliers: HTE uses top market-leading suppliers, covering a full range of service delivery frequency requirements.  
  • Compliant route to market: This compliant framework removes the need to go through a separate tender process and satisfies government requirements and EU Regulations.  
  • One agreement: The comprehensive scope of the framework agreement enables access to a wide range of mobile diagnostic imaging services via one agreement. Where relevant, this includes both staffed and unstaffed provision.  
  • Easy access to services: A simple engagement process enables access to the framework prices immediately. Discounted daily rates are based on frequency of requirement and commitments. A Mini Competition is not required.  
  • Free access to services: Customers are not charged for accessing this framework agreement.  
  • Cost reduction opportunities: Cost reduction opportunities based on volume and frequency of use are available across a range of suppliers.  

The Framework Agreement encompasses a wide range of mobile diagnostic imaging services as detailed below:  

Lot 1 • MRI • X-Ray • CT  

Lot 2 • Mammography  

Lot 3 • PET CT  

Lot 4 • Cardiac Cath Lab 

Lot 5 • Mobile Densitometry 

The framework can be accessed via direct award. The customer must contact their Account Manager or our Customer Care team to log their interest where the Category Lead will then make contact to discuss your requirements. The call-off process is formalised by issuing an order to the supplier identified as offering best value in line with the direct award criteria specified in the framework agreement. In all instances, HTE should be informed once an authority has entered into a contract with a supplier under this framework agreement. To ensure compliance to the framework agreement and customer requirements, a call-off contract is exchanged and completed between the authority and the selected supplier(s).  

Committed GPO model  

HTE is a ‘Group Purchasing Organisation’ (GPO) that has been established to provide GPO members with the highest quality products and services at the best price. We are a healthcare partner concerned with its members who are delivering care within the local communities; as such we leverage the purchasing power of our GPO members to increase ‘value’ (Quality, Safety, Service & Price) through our contracting processes.  

HTE’s committed GPO model aligns clinical and commercial requirements to drive contracting decisions. We build advisory board’s representative of doctors, nurses, technicians and pharmacists to drive the development of clinical specifications and determine ‘like-for-like’ products which are clinically acceptable. 

 We take clinical and commercial requirements to market on behalf of our members and undertake procurement activities aimed at obtaining the highest quality products and services at the best price for healthcare providers. Our model is built on partnership relationships which deliver benefits to both our customers and the supplier community; whilst not limited to, the following points are essential to our GPO process: 

  • Pre-market engagement which provides meaningful insight from suppliers and our customers regarding our proposed sourcing strategies 
  • Analytics: a review of scientific evidence and data
  • Development of clinical and business specifications through our advisory boards
  • Clinical evaluation 
  • Market share commitments 
  • Contract compliance 
  • Contract management