Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s Patient Warming Systems and Consumables framework is a renewed version of the previous
Fluid Warming Systems framework agreement, which has been broadened in scope to include Patient Warming
Systems (e.g. Forced Air Warming Systems and self-activating heated blankets). These devices are predominantly
used within theatres but also used pre and post-operatively.
The purpose of the patient warming systems is for use where patients are at risk of hypothermia and may not be
able to regulate their own body temperature e.g. during surgery.
Reducing the risks of hypothermia and keeping patients warm throughout perioperative periods facilitates
increased wound healing, more rapid recovery from anaesthetic and speedier return to normal mobility. This
consequently sees a reduction in post-operative complications such as chest infections, pressure sores, DVTs and
becomes a more cost effective method of prevention.

Compliant route to market:

The framework will save procurement time and costs. It is fully compliant with the Public Contracts regulations and with EU Procurement Directives so you do not have to carry out a full EU  compliant tender yourself.

Quick and easy to access:

The engagement process is simple, with immediate access to framework prices as discounts established at the time of award. Once you have been set up to access the framework agreement, a call off can be made by direct access. The process is
straightforward and simply requires that an order form / access agreement be exchanged and completed to ensure your compliance.

Greater product range:

The framework agreement now offers Blood and Fluid Warming Systems, Forced Air Warming Systems and self-activating heated blankets. Key market leading suppliers to choose from.

Products recommended within NICE Guideline:
The forced air warming and fluid warming products offered within this framework agreement comply with the suggested methods recommended within NICE guidelines 2008 Inadvertent Perioperative Hypothermia for Adults in order to
prevent patient temperatures dropping below 36 degrees centigrade.

Additional discounts:
Additional discounts available for both volume and time commitment.

Lot 1 Blood and Fluid Warming Systems

• Different fluid heating methods e.g. heating plates and
coils etc.
• 5 Suppliers available on contract
• Free on Loan equipment
• Single patient use for consumables

Lot 2 Convective Patient Warming Systems

• Forced Air Warming Systems
• 4 Suppliers available on contract
• Free on Loan equipment
• Single patient use for consumables

Lot 3 Conductive Patient Warming Systems

• Includes self-activated heated blankets, single patient use
• Includes warming mattresses, reusable
• 2 Suppliers available on contract


  • HTE Squadron Logistics

3M Health Care Limited

GE Health Care

Genesys Medical Solutions

Healthcare 21 UK

Molnlycke Health Care

Smiths Medical International

The framework can be accessed via direct award. The customer must contact the Customer Care team to log their
interest and then the category manager will make contact to discuss the requirement.

Call Off Contracts

The call off process is formalised by issuing an order to the supplier identified as offering best value for money. In all instances HTE should be informed once an Authority has entered into a contract with a supplier under this framework agreement. To ensure compliance to the framework agreement an order form / access agreement should be exchanged and completed between the Authority and HTE and the chosen supplier/s.

Supplier Framework References
1. HTE-01148 Genesys Medical Solutions Limited
2. HTE-01149 3M Healthcare Limited
3. HTE-01150 Molnlycke Healthcare Limited
4. HTE-01151 Smiths Medical International Limited
5. HTE-01152 GE Healthcare UK Limited – Medical Diagnostics
6. HTE-01154 Solus Medical Ltd
7. HTE-01155 Healthcare 21 UK Ltd

If you view the framework references indicated above via HealthTrust Europe’s e-Catalogue, you will be able to see line level detail for all products. The only thing you will not be able to view is the individual product pricing, unless we have already set you up as a participant to be able to order from the framework.

If you are unsure how to access or use the e-Catalogue, please contact the Catalogue Manager by email at: