How can I access a copy of my HTE contract?

For GPO members, there are two ways to do this. 1) Log on to the Healthtrust Europe website (your trust should have log in details). Click on member’s area, and then weekly contract manager report. Then click on the catalogue push tab. Click download (be patient with this as it takes a few minutes). You […]

How can I access your frameworks as a contracting authority?

Access to a framework agreement is quick and easy for our customers. We will need some key information to be able to assist you (such as the framework agreement you are interested in using and your requirements). Please complete the form on this webpage so we can help you to get started.

How can I become a supplier?

Any future tendering activities will be advertised in OJEU and on Contracts Finder and all interested suppliers are invited to tender. Suppliers cannot be added to any existing framework agreements. Our member trusts are contracting authorities, within the meaning of the Regulations, and this means we are strictly bound by the Regulations You may wish […]

What is the OJEU process?

Contracting authorities (i.e. organisations that spend public money) are required to comply with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (Regulations) when buying goods and services which meet a certain value, subject to certain exceptions and exemptions. Contracting authorities are required to advertise the opportunity in the form of a Contract or OJEU Notice, to interested suppliers, […]