How can I access a copy of my HTE contract?

For GPO members, there are two ways to do this.

  • 1) Log on to the Healthtrust Europe website (your trust should have log in details). Click on member’s area, and then weekly contract manager report. Then click on the catalogue push tab. Click download (be patient with this as it takes a few minutes). You can then filter (column P) and view the contracts you want. The line items will be there. It is a CSV file but you can save it to excel. Please note, a contract without line items (e.g. ICT contracts) will not be included in the list.
  • Another way is to log on to the Healthtrust Europe website. Click on member’s area, then contract list report. In the search bar, you can type in the contract reference number that you wish to view and then click on view details. The list will be displayed. Click on actions, download then click CSV.

For other customers, please complete the form on this webpage with the details of the contract you would like a copy of.