How can the NHS manage clinical waste safely and effectively?

NHS England’s Clinical Waste Strategy, launched in March 2023, sets ambitious targets to improve how the health service plans to manage and dispose of waste by 2030. Wrapped into this strategy include other targets for managing the 156,000 tonnes of clinical waste created per year, including reducing the net cost of clinical waste management by 15% per tonne and cutting carbon emissions from waste management by 80%. However, against a backdrop of financial constraints and workforce pressures, how can we ensure that these goals are achieved?

This strategy was launched five years after the waste management crisis of 2018 which saw a failure to adequately dispose of hazardous clinical waste due to capacity constraints within the existing disposal network. In response, the Clinical Waste Strategy sets out targets to improve national and regional resilience for treating clinical waste, including expanding the capacity of NHS Trusts to treat this waste.

At HealthTrust Europe, we understand the importance of disposing of clinical waste safely and effectively. Our Total Waste Management Framework has been developed to be simple to use for NHS Trusts, backed by leading suppliers who offer true supply capability and the expertise to assist NHS Trusts with the complexities of managing clinical waste.

As a bespoke agreement, this Framework includes the provision of clinical waste services from the point of collection through to the final disposal of clinical waste. This aligns with the Clinical Waste Strategy, with our suppliers delivering cost-effective and secure services from the point of collection and through to final disposal.

Our Total Waste Management Framework is also receptive to the unique challenges that each individual NHS Trust faces when managing and disposing of clinical waste. With the Clinical Waste Strategy applying to the entirety of NHS England, HealthTrust Europe recognises that some NHS Trusts face a more challenging prospect for contributing to these targets. Our Total Waste Management framework has been designed to be flexible to the needs and challenges facing individual Trusts. Customers of this Framework can access free support from leading suppliers to ensure that they are moving towards these targets, supported by our leading customer care team who are on hand to support the procurement and onboarding process.

The NHS is one of the largest producers of waste in the country and ensuring that this strategy is achieved is crucial for not only protecting the safety of the public, but also ensuring that the health service is moving towards its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2045.

Our Total Waste Management framework offers a unique opportunity to help realise this ambition, effortlessly connecting Trusts with leading clinical waste disposal suppliers who are specialists in removing and treating clinical waste safely and effectively.

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