We connect suppliers with a wide network of public and private sector organisations, creating partnerships that deliver value and drive innovation.

Why Us?

Market Expertise and Support

At HealthTrust Europe, we are committed to transforming procurement and providing exceptional value to both suppliers and buying organisations.

Streamlined Processes

Working with HTE provides access our diverse network of partner organisations across the dynamic public and private sectors to help your business thrive.

Wide Sector Coverage

We enable your business to navigate the procurement journey more efficiently, reducing administrative burdens and improving your efficiency. HTE uphold the highest standards of transparency and integrity, you can trust that our procurement processes are fair, ethical and foster long-term partnerships.

How to Become a Supplier

We strive to continually improve how we work with our suppliers. Our marketing team provides guidance and support for suppliers who wish to carry out PR and marketing activity, creating opportunities.

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Indirect Spend

Our indirect spend categories includes contracts for Workplace Solutions including general office products, personal protective equipment, janitorial and catering supplies, mobility solutions, transportation services, unified communications and IT software.

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Information Technology

From desktops and laptops to servers and storage that make your office run seamlessly, our IT suppliers are among the most trusted names in the industry.

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Human Resources

Our HR contracts deliver unmatched pricing and flexibility across an array of contracts including Payroll and Human Management Capital, Employee Background and Drug Screening, and Vehicle Leasing as a Salary Sacrifice.

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We partner extensively with healthcare providers, covering most areas of spend in this sector, providing access to a diverse range of healthcare professionals and decision-makers.


Suppliers wishing to express an interest in these contract opportunities should register and logon to receive invitations to tender, download tender documentation and submit their responses to HealthTrust Europe. The eTendering service and support from the Bravo team are provided to suppliers completely free of charge.

One portal for Suppliers and Buyers, the Unified Hub makes it easy to access information and engage effectively and efficiently with us. Providing quick access to reports, dashboards and contract documents.