Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s Framework Agreement for In-Centre Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis Consumables and Equipment offers a simple and compliant route to market for the procurement of all consumables and equipment associated with in-centre and home haemodialysis to suit the needs of each Participating Authority or network. This includes the supply of dialysers, dialysis fluids, needles, bloodlines, dry powder bicarbs and haemodialysis machines, as well as supporting home therapy solutions for patients who dialyse at home. 

The Framework Agreement is free to access and can support with a variety of award routes, from further competition to compliant direct award. As a customer, you will be fully supported by our expert procurement team throughout the process. 

End to End Solution: The framework agreement covers all requirements that form part of the in-centre dialysis and home haemodialysis and enables you to access which ever elements you require.

Free and easy to access: There is no cost to participate on the Framework Agreement and with a simple award process, you can begin your procurement process quickly with the support of the procurement team at HTE.

Fully supported procurement guidance: We work in partnership with our customers to ensure that we are supporting you in achieving your organisational needs, as an individual Trust or as part of a wider network. The framework agreement is designed to provide maximum flexibility and support to enable you to achieve and realise the benefits of each supplier`s offer.

Compliance: The Framework Agreement was awarded in accordance with the open procedure set out in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and EU Combined Directive (2004/18/EC) and offers a compliant route to market. Market Leading

Suppliers: The framework enables you to compliantly contract with the market leading suppliers in this industry. All Suppliers have been rigorously vetted to ensure they can provide the highest quality service for patients` dialysis therapy solutions.

Competitive rates: The vetted suppliers appointed to the framework agreement have tendered fixed prices for the life of the contract.  

Lot 1a – Dialysers and other consumables 

  • Vast range of dialysers, needles, catheters, bloodlines, bibags and dry powder bicarbonates from market leading manufacturers, to suit all requirements for in-centre patients.
  • Innovative market dialysis products. 
  • Delivery service to hospitals and satellite units.
  • Price discount based on volume spend. 

Lot 1b – Dialysis Fluids  

  • Vast range of dialysis fluids to suit all requirements for incentre patients.
  • Bulk dialysis fluids. 
  • Dialysis fluids in cannisters. 

Lot 2 – Home Haemodialysis  

  • Home haemodialysis equipment and consumables. 
  • Vast range of innovative home therapy programmes from market leading suppliers. 
  • Adult and paediatric requirements. 

Lot 3 – In-Centre Dialysis Equipment  

  • Vast range of in-centre dialysis machines, beds and chairs. 
  • Service and Maintenance 

Lot 4 – Dialysis Committed Spend  

  • Price discount based on committed spend from two or more Participants. 
  • Contractual commitment to purchase Participants` requirements from one or more single lots from Lot 1 to Lot 3 

The Framework Agreement for supply of In-centre Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis Consumables and Equipment can be accessed by all Public Sector bodies.  

Participating Authorities may award their goods and services via further competition or direct award where possible.  

For a direct award, the call off process is formalised by issuing an order to the supplier identified as offering best value in line with the direct award criteria specified in the framework agreement. In all instances HTE should be informed once an authority has entered into a contract with a supplier under this framework agreement. 

 For further competitions, HTE will work with the customer to develop the documentation, including the specification, ensuring the specification reflects the customer’s exact requirements in a compliant manner.  

To ensure compliance to the framework agreement and customer requirements, a call off contract is exchanged and completed between the authority and the selected supplier(s). 

Next Steps: 

 If you would like further information, please engage with HTE directly via our customer care centre, who will be able to assist you and put you in contact with the framework agreement leads at HTE. We will require a Framework Access Agreement to provide you with access to the framework agreement and can then discuss with you the award route, relevant Lot and your individual requirements for an In-centre or home haemodialysis solution. 

Contact the HealthTrust Europe  Customer Care team, on 0845 887 5000 or via Alternatively, please contact your Account to log your interest, then the Category Manager will make contact to discuss your requirement.