Contract Overview

The scope of the Tender covers invasive pressure monitoring
kits, haemodynamic device consumables and hardware. These
devices are used to monitor pressure, cardiac output,
oxygenation and velocity of the blood flow.
The framework agreement includes single, double, triple &
quad line invasive kits, transducers and haemodynamic device
consumables and associated hardware (The Goods). The
framework also includes training and clinical/technical

Leading suppliers on contract
• Capital and accessories are available
• Free clinical training support
• Direct delivery of products
• The ability to purchase all equipment required for
Invasive Pressure Monitoring Consumables and
Haemodynamic Device Consumables from one

  • Lot 1 – Invasive Pressure Monitoring devices and
  •  Lot 2 – Haemodynamic Devices and Consumable

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