Case Study – Payroll Services


South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust Payroll Services

The Challenge 

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust’s (“SWFT”) existing Payroll Service was managed through Electronic Staff Records (“ESR”) as part of the Arden Cluster arrangement on an outsourced model. Due to NHS organisational changes within the cluster the Trust made a business decision to review the provision of their Payroll Service. Mark Higgitt, Head of Procurement at SWFT contacted Gary Snart, Category Specialist at HealthTrust Europe (“HTE”) to ascertain whether the new ESR Compatible Payroll Management Service Framework could be utilised to provide an alternative supplier.

The Process/Approach

Following initial engagement, it was agreed that HTE would assist the Trust’s project lead, Peter Dillon in managing a competitive process on behalf of the Trust and their collaborative partner George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust (“GEH”), who had similar requirements. A Project Group and Evaluation Panel representing both Trust’s and the incumbent service provider was formed with a view to awarding on a consensus basis.

The Project Group initially reviewed the four awarded suppliers on the HTE Framework to ascertain solutions available and to consider award criteria to achieve a successful outcome. An output based specification and a selection process outlining the Trusts requirements, with quality and price criteria for award was agreed and formalised by HTE in the form of an ITT. The Selection Process was then managed remotely by HTE through the Bravo eTendering Portal with relative support from the Project Group where required for bidder clarifications.

Three of the Four Framework Suppliers submitted offers, all of which generated savings, and each bid was evaluated by the Project Group, two of the bidders were subsequently invited to interview to clarify technical responses and finalise scoring. Following sign off of a Recommendation Report prepared by HTE outlining the evaluation process, a consensus award decision was made to award McKesson Information Solutions the Contract. HTE supported the finalisation of Contract Documents which were signed off by both parties before handing over implementation requirements to McKesson with a projected start date of 1st July.


By engaging with HTE and accessing the Framework the Trust created a savings opportunity of £187,017.80 (exc VAT), subject to strategic changes in-house and repatriation of services, the actual saving realised against their Cost Improvement Programme was reduced. Overall, the Trust achieved good value whilst also delivering a fundamental service provision with appropriate market testing.

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