Celebrating International Women’s Day with HealthTrust Europe

Across the globe, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. Since it’s formal recognition by the United Nations (UN) in 1975, IWD has brought with it the welcome opportunity to highlight the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women everywhere, and signal how much more is yet to be done.

On this day, HealthTrust Europe will join the rest of the world in raising awareness of women’s equality, celebrating the achievements of all women, campaigning for accelerated gender parity, and fundraising for female-focused charities. The campaign’s theme this year is how we can strive for a future of gender equality within a diverse, equitable and inclusive world and collectively #BreakTheBias. A primary ambition within this is to understand how we can support a sustainable tomorrow through an increase in women’s leadership, particularly throughout the enduring climate crisis.

HealthTrust Europe is taking the time to understand where our structures already succeed in overcoming barriers within society and the healthcare industry and recognise where we can focus our future efforts to deliver this mission with long-lasting effect.

Although women account for a large proportion of the healthcare workforce, data has revealed that women make up 15.3% of CEOs in health systems and an estimated 20-50% of executive leadership positions. These statistics indicate that there is a significant chasm between women entering the industry compared to their progression within it; this is something that must be addressed.

HealthTrust Europe actively works to support an inclusive and diverse work culture where women’s careers thrive, and their achievements are celebrated. Our commitment to gender equality is demonstrated throughout all levels of our organisation with strong female leaders providing coaching, guidance and leading high performing teams. Our Executive Team is 50% female.

It is precisely this representation and diversity in leadership that enables HealthTrust Europe to boast such a breadth of perspective and experience, ensuring that we continue to lead the way on gender equality and diversity in leadership.

Please see below a summary of further statistics, outlining HealthTrust Europe’s unwavering commitment to supporting women in the workplace:

  • 54% of the HealthTrust Europe workforce consists of female employees.
  • 42% of the women currently employed by HealthTrust Europe have progressed to more senior roles since joining the organisation.

As HealthTrust Europe continues to grow, our workforce continues to evolve, and the above figures are set to adapt accordingly to ensure that HealthTrust Europe continues to champion equality within the industry and lead by example.

Nanette Grant, Vice President for Sourcing, said:

“I am extremely proud to be part of the HealthTrust Europe team. As a leader we actively support a bright, equal, safe and rewarding future for women in the healthcare profession.

“Our talented, diverse workforce is driven and provides us with a perspective based on  empathy, understanding and innovation. We are all dedicated to the professional development of all our colleagues and we all value each other’s unique outlooks and capabilities.”

HealthTrust Europe is committed to recruiting, retaining, developing, and promoting talented individuals and supporting diversity and inclusion within our workforce. We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team and help us to improve healthcare in the communities we serve.

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