Clinical Involvement Drives Improved Patient Outcome and Purchasing Value for Liverpool Women’s Hospital

HealthTrust Europe (HTE) has supported Liverpool Women’s Hospital (LWH), one of its long-standing members, to achieve clinical benefits in the area of laparoscopic surgical procedures, as well as significant price discounts through the use of a single device across the majority of Laparoscopic surgical cases.

Theatres at the hospital, previously used three different electro surgical devices when carrying out laparoscopic surgical procedures, which incurred a total annual spend of £131k. The surgical team at LWH working with HTE explored the opportunity to standardise to a single device in order to increase productivity through quicker set up times, and reduce clinical risk through better training of one device.

Applied Medical and a multidisciplinary team from HTE worked with LWH to assess the clinical benefits and identify price discounts that could be achieved. In March last year, LWH became the first NHS trust in the country to clinically trial the latest VoyantTM fusion device. The clinicians were involved from inception, having the opportunity to receive product demonstrations and one-to-one discussions with the supplier’s educational representatives, and join discussions with the procurement team.

Both surgeons and nursing staff were involved in the evaluation process which resulted in the new product demonstrating direct contributions to improved patient outcomes. Key metrics in the clinical report showed visibility during tissue sealing and sealing performance was superior.

Following the success of the clinical trial, LWH proceeded with the full implementation of the VoyantTM fusion device. In addition to the clinical benefits, the implementation of the Voyant device has resulted in a 40% price discount which will drive significant savings to the theatre budget.

LWH have also received the Innovation Award for the Voyant project at the 2015 North West Excellence in Supply Awards and have been shortlisted for the National GO Awards.

 “Clinical engagement has been a real factor in the success of this procurement process, enabling the use of innovative products and driving long term acceptance. This project has also provided the very best example of how successful collaboration can deliver greater efficiency and improved patient outcomes.” Liam Reynolds, Head of Procurement at Liverpool Women`s NHS Foundation Trust

HTE has since worked with a number of other trusts to identify price discounts on their current spend. If you would like some advice from our category specialist please contact our Helpdesk on 0845 887 5000 or email