Artificial Intelligence Solutions Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Agreement

HealthTrust Europe’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Agreement is a new addition to our existing portfolio and works with leading suppliers to deliver clinical and non-clinical AI Solutions.

Artificial Intelligence solutions are a new and innovative category area with an ever-growing supplier base in the market. Our DPS agreement allows ease of access to compliant route to market for mini competitions whilst being flexible to support all clinical and non-clinical AI requirements.

This agreement can support with AI offerings to the entire public sector, across all health and non-health organisations.

Award Summary

Benefits to customers accessing this framework include

  • Clinical Diagnostic AI allows improvements in turnaround time for patients and supports faster pathways in the triaging system therefore benefiting both the hospital and patient with faster diagnosis and treatment options.
  • An example of Clinical Diagnostic AI Solution includes heat map technology identifying cells where disease is likely to be present, which helps direct the reporting Pathologist to areas of concern and therefore can support with decreasing cancer diagnosis turnaround times.
  • An example of a Non-Clinical AI Solution includes triaging of worklists in any setting, chatbots etc
  • Market leading Suppliers.
  • DPS Agreements enable new Suppliers to be admitted to the DPS at any time during the Term of the agreement.
  • New and innovative category area.
  • Drives value for money via further competition.
  • Able to support pathologists’ diagnosis of a patient leading to accurate diagnosis.


Additional Information

The Artificial Intelligence Solutions DPS Agreement works with leading suppliers to deliver clinical and non-clinical AI Solutions, awarded across four Lots:

  • Lot 1 – Clinical AI Solutions
  • Lot 2 – Non-Clinical AI Solutions
  • Lot 3 – AI Development Solutions
  • Lot 4 – AI Validation Services and Supporting Software

The DPS is able to admit new Suppliers who enter the market (subject to passing the admission criteria) and therefore will support a changeable market throughout its Term.

How do I access the Agreement?

This DPS agreement is free to access for any public sector beneficiary in the UK on either a local or regional basis. if you wish to access the agreement and run a mini competition for your Artificial Intelligence Solutions, please contract our Customer Care team via email at or phone 0845 887 5000.

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