HealthTrust Europe Launch Graduate Programme

HealthTrust Europe has launched its first ever Graduate Scheme, providing newly qualified graduates with a fantastic opportunity to put theory into practise and develop their skillset in a leading Healthcare procurement organisation.

The new scheme has begun with two Procurement roles being filled, and a secondary assessment programme is already underway to fill a Supply Chain role. Before moving into their roles as Trainee Buyers the initial two graduates will spend time in a number of other business areas to allow them to get a broad understanding of how the business works and how each department fits together. With this understanding when they move into their Trainee Buyer roles they will have a broad business perspective so that they can make more informed, business outcome focused decisions.

The graduates will spend time working through all stages of strategic sourcing and on a range of tasks from the tactical and administrative, to the strategic and innovative. They will be involved in all elements of sourcing from the conception of product ideas through to the delivery of agreements providing sustainable value to our customers.

“I am delighted to welcome our first intake of graduates into the procurement team. This marks the next step in our evolution as we develop and foster our own talent to meet the needs of the business and our customers. We are all looking forward to working with them and will be providing them with the necessary professional training to support them in their roles” Richard Cerutti, Chief Procurement Officer at HealthTrust Europe.