HealthTrust Europe launches Safe Patient Moving and Handling Equipment Framework

HealthTrust Europe is pleased to launch the new Safe Patient Moving and Handling Equipment Framework to support and facilitate the appropriate movement of patients in a Hospital, Residential or Patient Home Environment. It is designed to equip health and social care providers with the latest tools to enhance the safety of patient handling.

The Framework is split into four distinct Lots – Manual Handling and Transfer Equipment; Hoists and Patient Lifts; Bathing Equipment; and Safe Patient Moving and Handling Managed Service. Each Lot is comprised of specialised solutions to support health and social care organisations in improving their current output across these services. All solutions are provided by market-leading organisations and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. They are also cost-controlled – meaning you have access to market-leading solutions suited to your budgets.

The Framework uniquely benefits our customers by providing Total Managed Service Solutions (under Lot 4), acting as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for a suite of modules including asset management, Ergonomic consultancy for re-design, refurbishments, and new builds. Our suppliers can support with the implementation of new services that ensure the continuity of care is provided to patients.

Often, incorrect patient handling not only negatively impacts the patient, but can also result in staff incurring injuries. To minimise this risk, training programmes to increase awareness of correct posture, movement and equipment use could be arranged, aimed at improving the overall health of staff and reducing staff sickness absence. We offer skilled resources that complement and support your own internal training programmes.

Like all HealthTrust Europe Frameworks, customers will have exclusive access to an expert team from contracted suppliers who can guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our trusted suppliers can provide guidance and expertise on how to utilise equipment effectively and advice on the solutions that would enable your organisation to achieve your goals.

Customers will further benefit from skilled resources to support CPD accredited training. Ergonomic and Mobility Risk Assessments for Care Environments are also available for customers to optimise space and use of equipment. The Framework offers a compliant route-to-market for these services, aligned with Directive and International Standards.

Please contact our dedicated customer care team by emailing or calling 0845 887 5000 to request access or further information. Our expert team is on-hand to deal with your questions.