HealthTrust Europe Pledges Support for the Miscarriage Association Charity In 2023

HealthTrust Europe has announced that they will be supporting the Miscarriage Association in 2023. This commitment is part of their annual tradition of selecting a main charity to support through company-wide voting. Employees nominate charities, and the selected charity receives support and fundraising efforts for the next 12 months. The Miscarriage Association was the clear winner in the most recent vote. This partnership is particularly meaningful as the Miscarriage Association provides valuable support and resources for families experiencing the trauma of miscarriage. HealthTrust Europe’s decision to involve its employees in the decision-making process helps build engagement and support for the chosen cause.

The Miscarriage Association is a UK-based charity that provides support and information to people affected by pregnancy loss. The charity offers a range of services, including a helpline, online support groups, and one-to-one support for individuals and couples. They also work to improve research and training around miscarriage, and campaign for better support and care for those who experience pregnancy loss.

As part of their commitment to supporting the charity, HealthTrust Europe invited a representative from the Miscarriage Association, to talk to employees about their work. The talk was informative and thought-provoking, and helped to raise awareness about the issue of miscarriage and the importance of supporting those affected by it within the organisation.

Ruth Bender Atik, National Director of the Miscarriage Association, said:

“An estimated one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage – far more than most people think.  It can be a very shocking, distressing, and frightening experience and feelings of grief, loss, and anxiety are common. Miscarriage is often difficult to talk about, so those going through it often feel isolated and without the support and understanding they need. Health Trust Europe is helping us to help people.  The funds the team raises will go towards our support and information services.  Their open support for our work will raise public awareness of miscarriage and its impact and will point people to where they can find help.  Their conversations with family and friends will help open other conversations and make people feel less alone. We are so very grateful for their support.”

In addition to supporting the Miscarriage Association, HealthTrust Europe has also been actively involved in supporting other charitable causes. In 2022, the company raised over £10,000 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital charity. The funds raised were used to support the hospital’s vital work in providing specialist care and treatment to sick children and their families.

Dale Robinson, HealthTrust Europe’s Chief Operating Officer said:

“Caring for human life is at the core of our mission at HealthTrust Europe, and we are honoured to announce that The Miscarriage Association has been chosen as our charity for 2023. The work they do to support those affected by pregnancy loss is truly remarkable, and our staff are deeply committed to supporting this cause. We look forward to engaging in various fundraising efforts throughout the year and hope to make a significant impact on the lives of those who have suffered such a profound loss.”

HealthTrust Europe’s decision to support the Miscarriage Association as their chosen charity for 2023 is a step in raising awareness about the issue of pregnancy loss and supporting those affected by it. HealthTrust Europe’s commitment to charitable causes is a testament to their values as an organisation. The company believes in making a positive impact in the communities they serve and supporting causes that are important to its employees and customers.