HealthTrust Europe Welcomes Summer 2022 Interns

Students from two local Birmingham universities will be spending their summer at HealthTrust Europe (HTE), gaining valuable work experience to support their entry into the workplace following graduation. The five internships are based at HTE’s headquarters in Edgbaston and are across a range of business disciplines including Financial Analytics, Human Resources and Strategic Sourcing. The students have been allocated roles aligned to their professional interests.

Hannah Barton, HR Director said:

As part of our commitment to developing employees of the future, we are excited to welcome our latest group of interns. We have developed a comprehensive, and appropriately tailored programme to make this a positive and valuable experience.

Our colleagues have a wealth of experience that they are keen to share with our interns. Our supportive and inclusive culture will ensure they feel comfortable to ask questions which will help them to learn and gain experience.”

HTE provides Value Based Procurement Solutions predominantly across the healthcare sector to manage spend effectively and improve performance. The organisation works with both public and private sector organisations to optimise the use of products and services and to identify cost saving opportunities.

As well as gaining sector specific knowledge and learning to use specialist business systems such as Salesforce, our interns are also developing essential “soft” skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication.

Amidst a tough graduate labour market, the internships are paid at the national living wage and are designed to equip students with the skills needed to enter the workplace feeling confident and prepared.

Kate Farr, Employee Liaison Officer at the University of Birmingham; said:

“We really value the opportunities that HTE has provided our students. The HR team at HTE have been committed to working closely with the University to develop an understanding of what the student population is looking for, and as a result, has created real and valuable opportunities for local students to develop their skills, knowledge and experience. I look forward to continuing our relationship with HTE long into the future!”