Portfolio Performance Service

HTE’s Managed Service offering employs a complete portfolio management strategy, focusing on optimising processes and enhancing efficiency. We work as a Trusted Partner with Healthcare and Public Sector organisations to deliver group purchasing, sourcing pathways and advisory services; supporting organisations to achieve best value.

HealthTrust Europe's (HTE's) Portfolio Partnership Service provides a Managed Service offering that provides end-to-end portfolio management for, with a delivery model that is free of charge and supplier funded.   HTE's portfolio management approach focuses on regulatory compliance, extended contract coverage, delivering quality services and supplies, achieving the best possible price and savings, and executing the right process and pathway at the right time.   One key aspect of HealthTrust Europe's Portfolio Performance Service is strategic sourcing. Through rigorous analysis and market intelligence, the team identifies opportunities for cost savings without compromising on quality. This includes negotiating contracts with suppliers, leveraging economies of scale, and implementing innovative procurement strategies. The goal is to ensure that healthcare providers can access the best products and services at the most competitive prices.

Our Partnership Commitments

Leadership and Delivery: HealthTrust Europe will lead a project team with infrastructure support and an agile business unit.

Targets and Activity: Drive workplace activities to meet local/ICS cost improvement targets.

Value-Added Services: Use HealthTrust Europe’s advisory, data/analytics, reporting, and legal support for successful outcomes.

Governance: Align governance structures and establish a managed service approach with clear roles and responsibilities.


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Our Core Objectives

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Extended contract coverage
  • Quality services and supplies
  • Optimal pricing and savings
  • Executing right processes at the right time


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Our Approach

HealthTrust Europe’s Managed Service offering employs a complete portfolio management strategy, including:

Contract Register Analysis: Regular reviews to identify potential opportunities, ensuring comprehensive contract coverage.

Strategic Category Management: Developing bespoke strategies for each category that align with market dynamics and client objectives.

Framework Utilisation: Leveraging existing frameworks for structured and efficient sourcing services.

Custom Sourcing Services: Offering tailored solutions for competitive tenders, including mini-competitions and full-scale above-threshold Find a Tender (FTS) tenders.


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Trusted Expertise

With over a decade of experience supporting the NHS and the public sector, HealthTrust Europe brings a proven track record in delivering group purchasing, sourcing pathways, and advisory services.

Comprehensive Managed Services

Our end-to-end procurement management includes market engagement and running mini-competitions. We provide a fully integrated approach covering category management, advisory services, data analytics, reporting, and legal support.

Cost-Effective Model

HealthTrust Europe offers a supplier-funded, free-of-charge delivery model. Our services are based on successful delivery, ensuring a results-driven approach.

Significant Resource and Cost Savings

HealthTrust Europe assumes full responsibility for the procurement process, reducing the need for in-house resources. Realise substantial savings through optimized procurement practices and strategic sourcing.

Enhanced Value Delivery

We leverage advanced data analytics and technology to track progress, delivery, and cost improvements. Drive work with value at pace, ensuring rapid deployment and aggressive timelines.

Accredited and Approved

HealthTrust Europe is NHS England accredited, ensuring compliance and trust. We are recognised for delivering significant cost improvement programs, with a track record of £100M+ delivery.

Optimised Procurement Processes

We offer custom sourcing and tailored competition to meet specific client requirements, maximising the impact of procurement through optimised frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) categories.

Strategic Partnership and Collaboration

HealthTrust Europe drives competition and collaboration to achieve the best value for every pound spent. Align with client governance structures to ensure clear roles, responsibilities, and successful outcomes.

Advanced Technology Integration

Utilise market-leading technology to enhance procurement efficiency. Deliver more competition and test the latest market pricing, ensuring the best value.

Results at Scale

HealthTrust Europe, accredited by NHS England, delivers significant cost improvement programs, leveraging advanced data analytics and technology to track progress, delivery, and cost improvement.

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