Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s (HTE’s) Framework Agreement for Digital Pathology Solutions offers a simple and compliant route to market for the procurement of all equipment, software and services associated with Digital Pathology to suit the needs of each Participating Authority or network. This includes WSI Scanners, Medical Grade Workstations, Gross Imaging Equipment and Software, Microscope Cameras, Image Management Software and AI and Image Analysis Tools as well as other supporting solutions. 

The Framework Agreement is free to access and can support with a variety of award routes, from further competition to compliant direct award. As a customer, you will be fully supported by our expert procurement team throughout the process. HTE can fully manage a further competition for you, via our Bravo portal, supporting with stakeholder engagement, supplier days and tender documentation development, as well as support you with compliant direct award where required. Solutions may be in the form of a managed service or capital as required in line with available funding and budgets. 

End to End Solution 

Free and easy to access 

Fully supported procurement guidance 


Market Leading Suppliers 

Digital Pathology Benefits 

There are many benefits of digital pathology solutions, including but not limited to:  

  • Faster patient diagnosis 
  • Reduced risk compared with transporting glass slides 
  • More efficient laboratory workflows 
  • Use of AI and Image Analysis algorithms to support with patient diagnosis 
  • Access to wider pool of Pathologists

Lot 1 – Digital Pathology Equipment  

  • Vast range of WSI Scanners from market leading manufacturers, to suit all requirements
  • Medical grade workstations and peripheral equipment • Flexible procurement options 

Lot 2 – Gross Imaging  

  • Macro Imaging Cameras
  • Medical grade workstations
  • Software to support MDT meetings 

Lot 3 – Digital Pathology Software 

  • Image Management Software 
  • Data Management and Storage Solutions
  • AI and Image Analysis Algorithms 

Lot 4 – Digital Pathology End to End Solution  

  • End to end solution, including WSI Scanners, Image Management Software, AI and Image analysis, Gross Imaging equipment and software and Microscope cameras.
  •  Managed service routes available 

The Framework Agreement for Digital Pathology Solutions can be accessed by all Public Sector bodies. Participating Authorities may award their goods and services via further competition or direct award where possible. 

For a direct award, the call off process is formalised by issuing an order to the supplier identified as offering best value in line with the direct award criteria specified in the framework agreement. In all instances HTE should be informed once an authority has entered into a contract with a supplier under this framework agreement. 

For further competitions, HTE will work with the customer to develop the documentation, including the specification, ensuring the specification reflects the customer’s exact requirements in a compliant manner. To ensure compliance to the framework agreement and customer requirements, a call off contract is exchanged and completed between the authority and the selected supplier(s).  

Next Steps: If you would like further information, please engage with HTE directly via our customer care centre, who will be able to assist you and put you in contact with the framework agreement leads at HTE. We will require a Framework Access Agreement to provide you with access to the framework agreement and can then discuss with you the award route, relevant Lot and your individual requirements for a digital pathology solution.