Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe has established a framework agreement for the supply and delivery of External Print and Digital Services. This Framework is intended to satisfy the requirements of all public sector Participating Authorities with their procurement of printed and digital services. 

External Print and Digital Services is for the provision of print, fax, copy and scan technologies and soft tools; with maintenance support and complementary services access to meet the requirements of the Participating Authorities. 

  • Customers accessing the framework will benefit from: 
  • A tailored approach to each Participating Authority 
  • Implementation and phased transition support 
  • Contractual Escalation Support 
  • Account Manager and Portfolio Lead support 
  • Innovative approaches which contribute towards reducing print spend year on year for the Participating Authorities 
  • Support for Participating Authorities who wish to move away from traditional print and will have a requirement for digital communications such as multi-format publishing, whereby documents or information will be produced and distributed in multiple formats including print, online, CDs, DVDs and mobile formats and apps 

The Framework Agreement will comprise the entire services for external print and digital services including: 

  • supply of printed goods and digital services 
  • stock management 
  • storage 
  • pick, pack, and dispatch 

Call-off contracts will be awarded in line with the Framework Agreement, which includes: 

Standard Services (Direct Award) 

Competed Services (Mini-competition-Hybrid) 

Competed Services (Mini-competition-Full) 

For more information, contact our Customer Care team on 0845 887 500 , via email at or through our Live Chat function.