Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s(HTE’s) ICT Solutions 2019 Framework (ComIT 2 – Complete IT), has been created to provide the most cost effective and simplest route to market for your entire IT requirements. This covers Enterprise Level Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions for Hardware, Software, Programs, Applications, Security, Computer Science, Managed Services, Consultancy, Support and Associated Services. This framework was awarded on the 27th September 2019 for four years. It is a single Lot framework that covers 5 distinct categories to provide the broadest scope, making this the most straightforward way to manage your organisational ICT needs to purchase all your solutions and providing access to the best suppliers.  

The categories covered under our single lot framework are:  

  • Hardware 
  • Software
  • Security 
  • Technology Assisted Services 
  • Computer Science

 Public Sector Contracting Authorities may procure products and services from across all categories, via a preferred Direct Award or, alternatively, through appropriate benchmarking or further competition procedures. Where applicable, competitive processes can be conducted for either single beneficiaries or organisations looking to purchase across several beneficiaries or for their STP.  

Access to the framework is free and it is easy to become a beneficiary. As a customer, you will be fully supported by our expert procurement team, whether you wish to make a direct award call-off or test the market. A simple phone call to our Onboarding Specialist or Customer Care team will enable us to set up and start your direct award or fully OJEU Compliant procurement process. Our framework partnerships and scale drive competitive pricing while also offering you the best Terms and Conditions, enabling you to purchase your solution with confidence 

  • Fully Supported, procurement guidance 
  • Free to use and easy to access 
  • Range 
  • Compliance  
  • Reporting and Audit Trail 
  • Standardisation and rationalisation 



ICT Security 

ICT Technology Assisted Services  

Computer Science  

This framework may be utilised by all public sector bodies and any similar private sector organisations in the UK, which includes:  

  • Central Government departments and their executive agencies 
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) 
  • National Health Service (NHS) 
  • Health boards, NHS Trusts, Community Health Councils and other constituent bodies of the NHS in Wales 
  • NHS Scotland and its constituent bodies
  • Health and its constituent bodies 
  • Health and Social Care Trusts, Health agencies and other constituent bodies of the NHS in Northern Ireland. 
  • Local Authorities and Councils 
  • Police Forces 
  • Fire and Ambulance Services and other emergency response organisations
  • Educational Establishments through to Higher Education providers
  • Registered Local Landlords (RSLs) 
  • Registered Charities 
  • Devolved and other administrations within the British Isles
  • Her Majesty’s Prison Service 
  • The Ministry of Defense

Please contact us if you are unsure as to whether or not you can use this agreement. 

It is most likely that you can.  

This framework provides customers with the widest, unrestricted choice of manufacturers and technologies and is free to access and easy to use, through either Direct Award, self-administered mini-comp or, if required, a fully managed further competition process. In some cases, you may even be able to continue to work with your incumbent supplier. 

Direct Award can be made on the basis that your organisation is able to identify the most economically advantageous provider without conducting a further competition. Outside the ranking, the framework agreement award criteria is used to determine the highest scoring capable provider, but the criteria weightings are flexible and therefore, can be determined by your organisation to meet your needs.  

Where further competition is required in order to identify the most economically advantageous provider against your specific needs, HTE will work in close partnership with your organisation to ensure that you are able to explore the most relevant procurement route, allowing you to obtain the outcome that best suits your circumstances. You may engage the market prior to going to competition in order to help you gather knowledge and expertise from the industry leaders so that when you come to compete your requirements, your procurement delivers the very best solution regarding the technology available and at the very best price.