Contract Overview

Public Sector Framework Agreement for the provision of Enterprise Level ICT Solutions including hardware, software, security, computer science solutions and associated wrap around ICT services.

The HealthTrust Europe ICT Solutions 2023 Digital Technology Framework (ComIT 3 – Complete IT), provides Participating Authorities with a compliant route to procure their entire Information Communication Technology and digitisation requirements across the complete IT vendor and Value Added- Reseller landscape.

Awarded Suppliers can sell Hardware, Software, Cybersecurity, Computer Science solutions and associated services (categories above) as either standalone or bundled solutions through the Framework. Additionally, this provides access to a range of purchase options and value add benefits including storage and logistics, configuration, finance, Device as a Service (DaaS) and leasing enabling Participating Members to update their ICT estate in a way that best meets their the needs of their overarching organisation.

Whether purchasing off-the-shelf hardware or software, or creating bespoke technologies including white-labelled software, the Framework facilitates Participating Members to develop best in class, safe and secure ICT solutions.

Supplier(s) can provide a full project delivery service for ICT solutions including: pre and post sales engagement, design, supply, installation, programming,  configuration, support, and maintenance. This includes any physical building alterations, construction work, electrical work and building projects as necessary to complete an ICT project.

  • End to end ICT solutions (wide scope)
  • Market leading pricing
  • Internationally renowned supply base
  • Largest ICT Value Added Resellers (VAR’s) in the UK
  • Pre agreed ICT specific terms for hardware, software, and services
  • Robust documentation
  • Unrivalled access to all ICT manufacturers, brands, specialists, and innovators
  • DaaS, lease and finance options
  • Value added ICT service wraps to improve service delivery
  • Supplier expertise and development of bespoke solutions
  • Supply partners with appropriate ICT and vendor/manufacturer accreditations, certifications, and standards
  • Supply partners with significant public sector digitisation experience
  • Rationalised supply base
  • Time and operational resource efficiencies
  • Single point of accountability when procuring solutions
  • Leverage Framework spend for savings

• Hardware
• Software
• Security
• Technology Assisted Services including Digitisation and Digitalisation Services
• Computer Science
• Social Value requirements

The Framework Agreement was procured in accordance with Public Contract Regulations and offers a compliant route to market, whereby minimal resource is required to identify the most economically advantageous provider.

This Framework provides customers with the widest, unrestricted choice of manufacturers and technologies and is free to access and easy to use, through either Direct Award, mini-competition or, if required, a fully managed further competition process. In some cases, you may even be able to continue to work with your incumbent supplier.

Compliant procurement processes include:

Pre-Market Engagement

The Participating Authority (or group of Contracting Authorities) have the
ability to engage with Suppliers and/or their Subcontractors under a pre-market engagement arrangement prior to undertaking an award process
with a view to preparing the procurement and informing suppliers of their
procurement plans and requirements.
• Supplier and/ or Sub-contractor presentations
• Supplier engagement days
• Product Demonstration days or Presentations
• Supplier Questionnaires
• Supplier Q&A sessions (remote or face to face)

Direct Award

  • MEAT Methodology – Participating Authority may award Standard Goods and
    Services to the Framework Supplier whose Framework Bid is the MEAT. The
    MEAT shall be determined by applying the Framework Criteria to all
    Framework Bids as they relate to the Participating Authority.
  • HTE Selection tool (coming soon)
  • Participating Authority Objective Justification

Hybrid Mini Competition

• The Participating Authority determines the Specification (Goods, Service or
Solution) and the most important factor of the award to be the best price.
• For the Hybrid award the commercial weighting is allocated 90%+ of the
total weighted score.
• This process shall be utilised when the Participating Authority has a defined
ICT Specification (Product, Service or Solution(s)). It is anticipated that this
process will predominantly be used for hardware and software requirements
(including wrap around services)

Full Mini Competition

• Participating Authorities can conduct mini competitions across our 10
awarded suppliers to refine the requirements.
• The Framework Criteria can be varied up to 100% in terms of all weightings
to enable the Participating Authority to determine what is of importance to
the requirement

E- Auctions

• An online electronic bid event or process in accordance with Regulation
35(1) (a) of the PCR to determine a Supplier offering a best price element.
• The E-Auction may take place in a number of successive phases.

This contract is free to use, and providers can be awarded directly. Contact the Customer Care team on telephone 0845 887 5000 or email: in order to arrange participation on the Framework.

Our experienced Account Management team and ICT Portfolio Leads will help you establish the most relevant procurement process and offer further guidance.

Customer Access Agreement Forms

The simple participation process takes only a few minutes, and you can then start transacting easily with our market leading Suppliers. Sign our Customer Access Agreement form to be granted immediate access to the Framework Agreement. This can be self-served and signed via the Unified Hub ( The Unified Hub allows customers to quickly and easily access their procurement information and documents in real-time. With one login, customers can access all the information they need to manage their contracts and procurement from one place. This includes a comprehensive view of their contracts, up-to-date documents and agreements, and a range of other Applications and Services.)

You only need to request participation once, then access to the Framework will last for the entire life of the Framework Agreement.

Did you Know?

Once the Participating Authority has signed a Customer Access Agreement form, they can access any HealthTrust Europe Framework Agreement that is currently valid.