Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s Ophthalmic Surgery, Associated Equipment and Services framework agreement enables customers to purchase ophthalmic equipment, intraocular lenses, ophthalmic consumables, ophthalmic packs (standards and customised), surgical instruments and visco-elastics from a range of reputable suppliers. The framework offers a direct award option plus the ability to conduct mini-competitions for customised packs, should there be a desire to bundle lots to obtain more competitive deals. Appointed suppliers have been rigorously assessed with regards to their financial standing and their quality and value proposition and has met the agreed criterion for their appointment to the framework 

Free to access 

Compliant route to market 

Access to market leading suppliers 

Product coverage 


Reduced costs 

This framework agreement has the following lot structure:  

Lot 1 – Ophthalmic Consumables All ophthalmic consumables used in ophthalmic settings: Drapes, Eye Shields, Eye Patches, Bandages, Glides, Swabs, Wipes, Scissors, Forceps, etc.  

Lot 2 – Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals • Refrigerated Products (e.g. gentamicin sulfate), • Single Use Products (e.g. anti-vascular endothelial) • Bottled Solutions • Balanced Salts • Viscoelastic • Other Ocular Lubricants  

Lot 3 – Capital Purchase of Ophthalmic Machines • Phacoemulsification machines • Vitrectomy machines • Combined Phaco and Vitrectomy machines • Femtosecond lasers • Ophthalmic imaging equipment  

Lot 4 – Consumable Rental Scheme of Ophthalmic Machines • Phacoemulsification Machines • Vitrectomy Machines • Combined Phaco and Vitrectomy machines • Femtosecond Lasers • Ophthalmic Imaging Equipment  

Lot 5 – Managed Service Agreement of Ophthalmic Machines • Phacoemulsification Machines • Vitrectomy Machines • Combined Phaco and Vitrectomy machines • Femtosecond Lasers • Ophthalmic Imaging Equipment  

Lot 6 – Intraocular Lenses All intraocular lenses Page 3 of 7 • Single, multi-piece and pre-loaded injection Implanted lenses for cataract surgery (with or without astigmatism) • Toric, single, multi-piece pre-loaded injection lenses used to treat significant corneal astigmatism  

Lot 7 – Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments All ophthalmic surgical instruments and devices: • Cellulose Spears • Iris Scissors Straight 115mm • Conjunctival Scissors Pointed 11 • Scissors Rounded Tip • Scissors Straight 80mm • IOL Hook 0.2mm Tip Str T • Titanium Forceps Straight Notche  

Lot 8 – Ophthalmic Microscopes Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes for performing posterior and anterior segment ophthalmic surgeries  

Lot 9 – Glaucoma Stents Glaucoma shunts and stents to increase outflow of intraocular fluid and reduce high eye pressure 

 Lot 10 – Ophthalmic Procedure Packs Both standard and customised ophthalmic procedure packs: • Vitrectomy Packs • Phacoemulsification Packs • Other Ophthalmic Custom Packs 


The framework agreement has been awarded on a “Direct Award” and “Mini-Competition” basis, which means the customer, can award directly from the framework agreement to a supplier identified as offering best value for money or choose the option to run a mini-competition selection process for custom ophthalmic packs or if they wish to bundle Lots together to drive greater cost benefits. Please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care Team to log your interest and then the Category Manager will make contact to discuss your requirement. There is no obligation to conduct a mini competition under this framework. 

At all times HTE will provide “full” support during the mini-competition process. The mini-competition process itself will be conducted once the customer has defined their requirement. Suppliers will then be invited to the selection process and will be asked to satisfy the customer’s defined requirements and submit pricing. On conclusion the customer and the successful supplier will enter into a contract under the terms and conditions of the framework agreement. 

Call Off Contracts  

The call off process is formalised by issuing an order to the supplier identified as offering best value for money. In all instances HTE should be informed once a Trust has entered into a contract with a supplier under this framework agreement. To ensure compliance to the framework agreement a separate order form / access agreement should be exchanged and completed between the Trust and HTE.