Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe’s framework agreement for Parenteral Nutrition offers the Participating Authority a compliant route to the market’s leading nutritional providers. This framework agreement covers all aspects of Parenteral Nutrition, whilst also allowing for the Participating Authority to partake in a committed spend mini-competition to further drive added value. This can also be undertaken as a multi-trust consolidation procurement exercise if required. This multi-supplier direct award agreement ensures that patients will receive the highest quality care, whilst providing a beneficial solution for all parties involved. All suppliers comply with regulations and standards, providing competitive prices that have been submitted through a full OJEU tender process. 

  • Parenteral Nutrition The framework covers all aspects of Parenteral Nutrition from Neonatal to Paediatric and Adult, whilst covering ranges from two/three chamber bags, consumable components, additions and a bespoke service.  
  • Key Suppliers  
  • The suppliers awarded on to the Framework are experts in their field and can provide efficient, value added solutions for your Trust if required. Each supplier has a broad UK delivery scope. Framework 
  •  Compliance  
  • Each supplier awarded onto the framework has been clinically assessed and marked according to the responses they provided as part of their tender submission. Evidence and contingency in regard to aspects such as MHRA, Cold Chain validation, Logistics, Stability and Risk assessments have been presented and approved.  
  • Innovation 
  •  An important clause imbedded into the framework is around innovation, with suppliers actively looking to work with the Trusts to achieve efficiencies. 
  •  Cost Benefits  
  • Whilst cost benefits are naturally provided through a full OJEU process, there are numerous ways in which this can be achieved further.  
  • Mini competitions to establish economies of scale can be carried out whilst pricing discounts when certain quantities are acquired were offered and marked as part of the tender submission 

This framework agreement has the following lot structure:  

Lot 1 – Adult Multichamber Bags  

  • Range of two Chamber Bags with/without electrolytes. 
  • Range of three Chambers bags (lipid) with/without electrolytes.
  • ‘Standard’ bags designed to be given either Peripherally or Centrally.

 Lot 2 – Neonatal/Paediatric Bags  

  • Two chamber/three chamber bags covering Paediatric services.
  • Innovative designs allowing for infusions to be given with/without lipid without the need of a syringe. 
  • Neonatal formulations that cover the term from start-up and beyond. Lot 3 – Chamber Bags with Additions
  • Provides a range of aseptically prepared 2/3 chamber bags supplemented with additions
  • Additions include (but not exclusive to) vitamins, trace elements and glucose. • Amino Acid and Lipid solutions
  • General consumables such as EVA bags, TPN Covers and Caps.

 Lot 4 – Bespoke Bags  

  • Completely bespoke solutions with a range of additives. 
  • A broad range of additives including (but not exclusive to) Calcium chloride, Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium Suplhate, Iron Chloride and Selenium. 

 Lot 1 – Adult Multichamber Bags  

Lot 1 encompasses the provision of multichambered bags for Adult use for delivery to the Trust of the Participating Authority. The Lot offers both two and three chamber bags, whilst also offering bags with or without electrolytes. The Lot also allows for the purchase of bags with differing routes of administration, such as Peripherally or Centrally.  

Lot 2 – Neonatal/Paediatric Bags  

Lot 2 covers multichambered bags for Neonatal and Paediatric use. As with Lot 1, Lot 2 contains two/three chamber bags for Paediatric which can be used with a lipid solution (delivered as a three chamber) or without (standard two chamber). There is also a range of neonatal products that can be offered from start-up to Paediatric use.  

Lot 3 – Bags with Additions Lot 3 contains nutrition solutions where there is a requirement for additional additives to be added to a multichambered bag. These additions are usually in the form of vitamins and trace elements. This Lot also contains Lipid and Amino acid solutions, whilst also including consumables that may be required to help administer such as caps and bags. 

 Lot 4 – Bespoke Bags 

 Lot 4 allows for the Participating Authority to purchase Bespoke formulations for patients. Suppliers have submitted pricing for a broad range of additives they can provide to differing preparations.  

Lot 5 – Mini – Competition Option This Lot allows for the Participating Authority to partake in a committed spend mini-competition to further drive added value. This can also be undertaken as a multi-trust consolidation procurement exercise if required 

The HTE Parenteral Nutrition Framework is a direct award framework which can be called off and weighted against certain aspects if the Participating Authority deems that this is more suitable to their requirements. The framework was awarded to the top three ranked suppliers for Lot 1 (Adult Multichamber) and Lot 3 (Bags with Additions), and the top two ranked suppliers for Lots 2 (Neonatal/Paediatric) and 4 (Bags with Additions).  

The framework is available to all HTE customers by either contacting your Account Manager or the Customer Care team on 0845 887 5000 or by emailing