Contract Overview

HealthTrust Europe is able to provide bespoke contracting for customers requiring outsourced Pathology Sample Transport Services. These services include optimisation of sample routing, GP and acute site sample collection and delivery, sample and vehicle tracking and delivery of associated consumables. We will facilitate an OJEU compliant, negotiated procurement process to ensure delivery of Services which meet all requirements and provide innovative solutions for Pathology Sample Transport.  

  • Bespoke Contract: Contract bespoke to the customer’s requirements, ensuring turnaround times are met, sample integrity maintained, and full traceability of the samples is accessible. 
  • Negotiated Procedure: Discussion with the bidders allows refinement of the specification and complex requirements can be met fully. Business Case Development Support: HTE can support with business case content and development of the proposal to meet internal and external stakeholder approval.  
  • Consolidation and Optimisation of Services: Efficient movement of samples between community and acute delivery and collection locations can be achieved, enhancing the savings opportunities.  
  • Services supporting ISO 15189 Accreditation: Support the standards laboratories must adhere to in order to achieve ISO 15189 accreditation by providing documented procedures for monitoring the transportations of samples.  
  • Performance Monitoring and KPIs: Contract management is integral within the Contract, and provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are bespoke and appropriate to the Service. 
  • Dedicated Pathology Sample Transport – Awarded supplier(s) will prioritise the movement of pathology samples over other cargo ensuring reliability of collection and delivery times, as well as supporting TEST Turnaround Times (TATs).
  • Optimisation of Routes – Routes between collection and delivery points will be optimized, to ensure efficiency within the Service. 
  • Sample Tracking – Full audit trail of touchpoints of the samples and visibility of the samples from bleed to analysis. 
  • Appropriate Service Vehicles for Samples – safe movement of samples and maintaining the integrity of the samples through temperature-monitored and/or temperature-controlled vehicles. • IT Interfacing with current systems – The systems will provide full traceability of the samples and seamless integration of IT systems from the community to the laboratory.
  • Consumables Management – Awarded supplier(s) can manage consumables order collation and delivery from stakeholders within the community. The consumables usage can be monitored ensuring appropriate use by stakeholders and enhancing savings potential. 
  • Ad Hoc Coverage and Urgent Sample Movement – The Service can include the provision for ad hoc movement of samples, as well as an urgent response. This will improve the turnaround times and maintain sample integrity. 
  • Contract Management – Single point of contact for the awarded supplier, ensuring seamless issue resolution and performance monitoring.

Contact the HealthTrust Europe  Customer Care team, on 0845 887 5000 or via Alternatively, please contact your Account to log your interest, then the Category Manager will make contact to discuss your requirement.