Contract Overview

PICC Lines, MID Lines and CVC Lines are vascular access devices for the administration of drugs, fluids, and nutrients in acute, emergency, and critical care environments. These can be used for short to long term placement. Distal Tip Location Systems are devices designed to help in line placement using ECG technique for more accurate insertion of lines. These devices provide real-time visual navigation and are indicated for use as an alternative to chest x-ray.

Access to innovative technology, on-going clinical support, training, and education which can be specifically tailored to each customers’ need

  • Lot 1 – PICC, MID, CVC Lines and Distal Tip Location Systems
  • Lot 2 – CVC Procedural Packs (inclusive of lines)
  • Lot 3 – Central Line Protector/Stabilizers

In terms of accessing this category, the Category lead would require spend data for the last 1 or 2 financial years in order to conduct an analysis to assess the best offer available based on the requirements from the customer.

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