Contract Overview

The Business Consultancy Solutions and Advisory Services tender exercise was conducted by HealthTrust Europe and designed to support the NHS and other Public Sector Organisations in managing the dynamics of the consultancy market, offering a simple, compliant route for the procurement of a range of expert consultancy services at competitive rates. It offers users the flexibility of allowing both direct call-off and further competition under the provisions of the framework agreement. 

Lot 2 of the framework agreement includes consultancy and advisory services for Human Resource management and workforce optimisation services. This Lot focuses on the strategic and administrative discipline of hiring and developing employees. Provide knowledge and understanding of national policies and initiatives which are relevant to this work, with the pragmatism to apply these to the specification. 

  • Free, quick and easy to access 
  • No restriction on contract length or value:  
  • Competitive, capped rates 
  • A wide range of expertise available 
  • Assigned support 
  • Cross links to ICT and Total Workforce Solutions Engage with industry experts through Consultancy & Advisory Services, use ICT to provide the hardware and software ICT and provide your workforce through TWS. 

Advice that may be sought in this area includes but is not limited to:   

  • Total Workforce Planning/Modelling; 
  • Training and development of personnel; 
  • Executive management training;   
  • Coaching; 
  • Succession Planning; 
  • Analysis of staffing and workflow; 
  • Identification of opportunities for efficiencies; 
  • Scheduling of staff; and 
  • Staffing strategy.

Direct award  

A Participating Authority who intends to award a call‐off contract using the Direct Award option shall follow the procedure set out below: 

  1. a) shall identify its requirements which may be either general in nature or a specific requirement;   
  2. b) identify which Lot/s is relevant to its requirements;
  3. c) identify which supplier/s are capable of providing the required services by using the Capability Matrix (available upon request); 
  4. d) where more than one Supplier is identified using the Capability Matrix, HTE will provide the scoring of the suppliers from the Framework Award Criteria for those suppliers identified to the Participating Authority in order for them to determine the most economically advantageous supplier for its requirements.

 Once a Participating Authority has identified which Supplier is best able to meet its requirements in accordance with points a‐d above, it may award a call‐off contract.  The Participating Authority may select more than one Framework Supplier should their requirements cover more than one Framework Supplier and the volume level they are able to indicate to each supplier will be calculated accordingly.     

The following price options are available for direct awards: 

  • Day Rates (time and materials) – This will be based on the day rates suppliers provided in response to the Framework Agreement 
  • Fixed Price ‐ This will be based on an agreed number of hours/days for bandings of the Suppliers personnel for a definite specification of services which is not subject to adjustment unless provisions e.g. contract changes are included in the call‐off contract. 
  • Fixed Price with Milestones ‐ This will be based on an agreed number of hours/days for bandings of the Supplier’s personnel for a definite specification of services which is not subject to adjustment unless provisions, e.g. contract change, are included in the call‐off contract. Payment will be made following completion of an agreed set of Milestones, deliverables or performance outcomes.  Both parties will agree, prior to contract commencement, the percentage of the fixed fee attached to each Milestone.  
  • Retainer ‐ a regular payment by a Participating Authority to the supplier to be on ‘stand‐by’ or for an agreement provision of service. The payment enables the Participating Authority to access the skills and experience of that supplier on demand, or for a set period of time based on expected requirements.  Unused time is ‘lost’, but if the supplier over delivers the supplier will not charge an additional fee unless the over delivery is significant
  • Contingency Fee/Success Fee/Value based saving – where is it is identified that the offering of an alternative financial model would be of benefit to the Participating Authority, the Supplier can propose an alternative model which the Participating Authority can consider. The Participating Authority shall agree to share any financial benefits/gains as a result of the appointment.

 Mini Competition  

Where the framework criteria does not provide you with sufficient information to identify the supplier offering best value for money, a mini‐competition may be carried out.  You should contact your Account Manager if you are an HTE Member or our Customer Care team on 0845 887 5000 or email: if you are an Associate Member for further details and guidance