Contract Overview

Approved by NHS England & Improvement (NHSE&I), the Total Workforce Solutions II framework agreement supports healthcare providers to deliver their local resourcing strategy by providing free of charge access to a team of workforce experts and a robust set of terms and conditions that embed quality assurance provisions, data protection controls and sustainable best value. 

This Lot facilitates efficient access to a range of suppliers who have been subject to a rigorous tendering process. They can deliver a range of technology-based solutions for bank and agency demand management. Suppliers may additionally be capable of providing Direct Engagement services. 

With a ready-made specification that can be customised to the individual requirements of healthcare providers and designed to support a range of different approaches as part of a modular service offering. 

  • Free to access for all healthcare providers and Public Sector Organisations. 
  • Embedded quality assurance provisions, data protection controls and innovative mechanisms for driving and delivering sustainable value. 
  • Access to the latest technology, apps, solutions for local or collaborative bank and agency demand management including direct engagement. 
  • Designed to be utilised in conjunction with Lots 3a, 3c, 4a and 4b of the Total Workforce Solutions II framework agreement to provide end to end workforce solutions. 
  • Access to the HealthTrust Europe Partnership Portal and a friendly team of workforce experts. 

Bank and Agency Demand Solutions (Core Services) 

Electronic Communication Functionality 

Software Functionality (Vacancy Release, PSL Tiering Structure, Alerts, Accept and Decline Shifts) 

Staff Management Functionality (Timesheet Authorisation & Block Booking Capability) 

Software Rules 

System Portal 

Direct Engagement (Core Services) 

Direct Engagement 

Free Tax and Legal Advice Services 

Direct Engagement (Supplementary Services) 

Employment and HR Consultancy Services for Direct Engagement 

Spend Recovery Services 

Additional Payroll Services 

Alerts and Counter Fraud Services 

With options to engage suppliers through utilising either the Direct Award or Mini-Competition criteria detailed within the framework agreement, healthcare providers should contact to engage further.  

 Once your email has been received, a member of the Total Workforce Solutions team will be in touch to discuss your exact requirements and answer any questions you may have, supporting you to create an appropriate workforce strategy and offering procurement guidance as required.  

Healthcare providers can access the wider Temporary Staffing Lots (Lots 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a & 4b) of the  Total Workforce Solutions II framework agreement by visiting the HealthTrust Europe Unified Hub and following the step-by-step instructions to support document completion and enable compliant access.