HealthTrust Europe's Ophthalmic Surgery, Associated Equipment and Services framework agreement enables customers to purchase ophthalmic equipment, intraocular lenses, ophthalmic consumables, ophthalmic packs (standards and customised), surgical instruments and visco-elastics from a range of reputable suppliers. The framework offers a direct award option plus the ability to conduct mini-competitions for customised packs, should there be a desire to bundle lots to obtain more competitive deals. Appointed suppliers have been rigorously assessed with regards to their financial standing and their quality and value proposition and has met the agreed criterion for their appointment to the framework.

HealthTrust Europe's framework agreement for Contrast Media, Injectors and Associated Consumables includes all types of contrast media, injectors and accessories. The suppliers that have been awarded onto the framework can provide a comprehensive range of products and services to include but not limited to Barium, Ionic, Non-ionic Contrast, Injectors and dose management solutions. The suppliers will fully support any training requirements as well as auditing current usage with the view to rationalising spends. The framework can be accessed via direct and hybrid award. The agreement is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations and with EU Procurement Directives.

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) framework agreement for Total Waste Management is simple to use and covers domestic, clinical, reusable sharps and confidential waste services. The appointed suppliers to each Lot within the framework have true supply capability, and the expertise to assist their customers through many aspects of the process. This framework agreement is for the provision of Domestic Waste Services, Clinical Waste Services, Reusable Sharps Waste Services, Confidential Waste Services, Total Waste Management Services. Each Lot provides a service from the point of collection through to the final disposal including, but not limited to, suitable storage solutions, segregation, recycling, and transportation

HealthTrust Europe is offering a new framework for the provision of continence products. This category covers home delivery service of products to assist with continence care maintenance. The services included in this framework gives participants the opportunity to decide between a fully managed continence home delivery service, where the supplier will input the patient prescriptions, or a partially managed home delivery service.

Our Endoscopy Consumables framework covers products used in the identification, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases of the digestive system. This includes all endoscopy consumable products used in Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), in addition to the provision for ongoing training and clinical support throughout the lifetime of the contract, to ensure safe, appropriate and effective use of products by clinical persons.

HealthTrust Europe’s (HTE’s) Framework Agreement for Digital Pathology Solutions offers a simple and compliant route to market for the procurement of all equipment, software and services associated with Digital Pathology to suit the needs of each Participating Authority or network. This includes WSI Scanners, Medical Grade Workstations, Gross Imaging Equipment and Software, Microscope Cameras, Image Management Software and AI and Image Analysis Tools as well as other supporting solutions.