Awarding via HTE Framework Agreements

  • When the terms of the framework agreement are not precise enough to award a contract by direct award, the Contracting Authority should review further competition options through the framework agreement, in alignment to requirements set out in Regulation 33 8b of the Public Contract Regulations.
  • Details of further competition options under each framework agreement can be found by selecting the relevant category link and expanding the “Access the Framework” section to review options. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Care team should you require any assistance or guidance from our team of category experts.
      Our Framework Agreements allow three distinct award processes (direct award, hybrid award and mini competition) to ensure compliant selection of Framework Supplier(s). If you wish to award under one of our Framework Agreements, you must do so in accordance with the terms set out therein;  if you don’t any document or communication purporting to be an order shall not constitute an Order. For all types of awards, Orders may only be placed by following the call off protocols set out in Schedule 7 which allows for the (re)assessment of award criteria in accordance with Schedule 7C and requires the Contracting Authority and Framework Supplier(s) to sign either a Schedule 7A order (for direct award) or a Schedule 7B order (following further competition). This will ensure awards to Framework Suppliers align to those whose bid is the most economically advantageous as objectively justified by each Contracting Authority having regard to its specific requirements and made in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and/or Health Care Services (Provider Selection Regime) Regulations 2023.