Total Workforce Solutions II (TWS II) – ICS Workforce Planning

Developing System Partnerships

As the NHS moves into the planning, structuring and organisational phase of Integrated Care Systems (ICS), HealthTrust Europe (HTE) is working to partner with health and care providers to put the future people plan into action with our workforce and HR portfolio. Total Workforce Solutions II has been specifically designed to deliver the needs of ICS and cross-ICS projects and initiatives that seek to optimise workforce planning on a free to access basis.

As part of a structured system plan around workforce and HR, HTE can help ICS and cross-ICS working groups with procurement expertise to undertake market reviews and collaborative contracting for required services and marketing leading solutions including:

  • Consultancy and Advisory Services – Workforce, HR and Transformation;
  • Managed Payroll, transactional HR and Pensions services;
  • Clinical and Medical Rostering Solutions;
  • Bank and Agency Demand Solutions including:
    * Bank Apps (for all staff group);
    * Managed and Collaborative Bank (for all staff groups)
    * Agency Managed Services including Neutral Vendor (for all staff groups)
  • Permanent Recruitment including Medical, Clinical and Non-Clinical job roles
  • Executive Recruitment for Medical, Clinical and Non-Clinical leadership positions
  • International Recruitment of Doctors, Nurses and AHP/HSS workers
  • Agency Staffing for Doctors, Nurses and AHP/HSS workers
  • Non-Clinical Agency Staffing including Statements of Work
  • Interpretation, Translation and Transcription Services

Our Total HR portfolio will be further enhanced in 2022 with our latest agreements for Employee Vetting (employment checks, references, occupational health, employee assistance programmes) and Employee Benefits (salary sacrifice, personal vehicle leasing, financial wellbeing). We would also be keen to hear from you with respect to the products, services and solutions that you would like to procure in 2022/23 to focus our added value on you.

HTE is proud to support health and care providers with the recruitment and retention of staff to deliver the right resource, at the right time for the right cost. We look forward to engaging more closely in supporting your plan to deliver successful outcomes.