Cost Saving Solutions to Global Energy Market Shocks

In what has been dubbed the ‘perfect storm’ for energy markets worldwide, the combined impacts of limited supply, extreme weather conditions, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Russian invasion of the Ukraine have significantly affected global energy supply and have resulted in record prices for gas, electricity, and coal. Indeed, experts have predicted that gas prices could remain at twice their usual level until 2025, demonstrating the longevity of this crisis.

As such, organisations across a range of sectors are facing increased costs for utilities.

Given the scale and projected endurance of this crisis, the case for investing in energy efficiency has never been stronger and there is considerable potential within most public sector organisations to make large energy cost and carbon emission savings through the upgrade and refurbishment of outdated facilities. Organisations across all sectors are also seeking to become more environmentally aware in accordance with the national green agenda and are actively working toward enhancing their energy efficiency to minimise their negative environmental output. This is becoming all the more crucial as consumers become more eco-aware and make decisions based on the social value of organisations.

As the Government continues to pursue its ambition to achieve Net Zero by 2050, it is critical that organisations fully consider the environmental impact of their operations. By proactively introducing energy efficient measures, organisations will be able to reduce their risk of exposure to any emerging energy standards from the Government, developing their status as an environmental leader whilst simultaneously reducing costs through such efficiency gains.

Moreover, as the Government urges UK public sector organisations to review their supplier contracts, it is imperative that organisations have a firm understanding of, and trust in, their utilities providers.

Offering a one stop shop for all of an organisation’s utilities needs, the HealthTrust Europe Utilities Framework provides a range of services across two distinct Lots and presents organisations with a compliant route to market for utilities solutions. Beyond this, HealthTrust Europe empowers organisations to make decisions that fit their unique energy needs and have a committed customer care team on-hand to support organisations throughout the contract process.

As with all HealthTrust Europe Frameworks, the Utilities offering can be tailored around the customer’s unique requirements and budget to provide better control of their spending. The Framework provides customers with the two-fold benefit of enhancing their environmental credibility through carbon-saving technology and offering the possibility of reducing and mitigating costs. Additional discounts are also offered by some suppliers within the Framework to qualifying participating authorities, further supporting organisations to reduce their expenses.

In using this Framework, organisations are able to improve their green credentials and reputations as environmental leaders, and are provided with cost-saving solutions that enable them to enjoy stability in the face of ongoing shocks to the energy market. In turn, HealthTrust Europe’s Utilities Framework can enable you to position your company as a socially valuable entity, and free up time and resource to allow you to prioritise alternative business objectives, all of which ultimately contributes to long-term prosperity.

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