HealthTrust Europe’s Framework Agreement for Utilities (Energy Consultancies and LED Lighting Solutions) is a ‘one stop shop’ for all energy spend management. Available to all public sector bodies, the contract provides a holistic approach to manage costs before and after the meter. Customers can tailor the contract according to their individual requirements, enabling better control of their energy and lighting spend.

Lot 1 – Energy Consultancy, supports customers with:

  • Energy procurement and account management – covering procurement contracts for water, gas and electricity meters. In addition, supporting with supplier queries and resolutions for the everyday management of supply contracts.
  • Carbon Compliance Services – assisting with any compliance and legislative areas and supporting your unique carbon targets.
  • Bureau Services/Bill Checking – supporting with invoice validation, data management with reporting functions and other bureau services.
  • Energy Solutions/ monitoring technologies – covering technology solutions for energy generation, efficiency, control and monitoring software.

Lot 2 focuses on the provision of market-leading LED Lighting Solutions, including:

  • Energy efficiency lighting solutions to enable energy and carbon reduction
  • Expert lighting advice from equipment specification, from design to installation
  • Ongoing maintenance support
  • Advice on funding routes for projects

Our contracts are designed to be fully compliant and are also quality and price controlled, ensuring our customers always obtain the highest quality services for the best prices.

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