COVID-19 Ongoing response from HealthTrust Europe

HealthTrust Europe is continually monitoring and responding to the everchanging landscape around the COVID-19 outbreak, and we take our role in this very seriously. We would like to share an update on the work we are undertaking to ensure that we are able to deliver for our customers.

The protection of our colleagues and the wider community is of the utmost importance to us; as such we have taken significant steps using advanced systems and processes to set our teams up to function remotely whilst continuing to carry out vital work and deliver a high standard of service to our members.

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a significant impact on the supply chain in certain product categories, however we are working closely with the supplier community to understand the position regarding the allocation of stock in order to minimise the impact on customers and will continue to monitor and keep you abreast of the situation.

In times of crisis, it is essential that the health sector can mobilise its resources, and we are working closely with partners to ensure this remains possible. In order to allow us to work to the best of our abilities to meet customer need, HealthTrust Europe has set up a number of COVID-19 task groups to work closely with suppliers on key areas across the sector.

HealthTrust Europe’s task groups include:

  • Laboratories
  • Medical capital equipment
  • Pharmacy
  • PPE Warehouse
  • Purchased Services
  • Respiratory

These groups have been designed to enable us to get a better understanding of viability of sources to ensure we are always striving to meet demand. The groups are also permitting us to identify new sources where necessary, to enable the continuation of effective clinical care.

Our task groups are meeting daily to ensure that we are agile and responsive to customer needs, whilst working hard to support wider efforts of the sector at this challenging time, ensuring the fulfilment and appropriate allocation of stocks.

HealthTrust Europe will continue to review the processes we have in place regularly to ensure we are addressing the challenges raised by the COVID-19 outbreak, in order to continue to be your trusted partner.

If any you have any questions regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team at 0845 887 5000 or