HealthTrust Europe Launches Covid-19 Framework – Supporting Organisations During the Pandemic

HealthTrust Europe has launched a new framework to support organisations in their approach to Coronavirus. The latest Covid-19 Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services Framework allows customers access to two distinct Lots within the Covid-19 testing market to help support their organisations throughout the pandemic. The Framework provides access to the highest-quality products on the market, ensuring maximum safety levels.

Lot 1 – Covid-19 Point of Care Testing Equipment and Associated Consumables

Lot 1 allows customers to access market-leading resources to support during the pandemic. Customers have access to a range of testing methods, including rapid diagnostic testing and device-based. Customers will also be able to access consumables products, including test strips and cassettes that can aid organisations with simple, accessible but secure Covid-19 testing. These tests are classified as point of care or near-patient tests.

Lot 2 – Covid-19 Laboratory Testing Equipment, Consumables and Associated Services

Lot 2 covers all equipment, consumables and services which are required for any type of Covid-19 testing within a laboratory setting. This Lot is fully comprehensive and also allows customers access to market-leading suppliers’ equipment, reagents, test kits and associated services in the Covid-19 testing market.

What are the benefits of using a Framework for Covid-19 testing?

The latest framework provides a streamlined solution for all Covid-19 testing needs. The framework agreement is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and EU procurement directives – saving organisations time as they do not have to carry out their own EU compliant tender. The Framework also offers fixed pricing for the duration of the contract, as well as having a no limit policy in place, meaning organisations have unlimited access to the products available via the framework.

Given the nature of Covid-19 and the need for organisations to be receptive and fast-acting, the Framework also includes free next day delivery (on any business day) from the majority of suppliers – allowing organisations rapid access to vital resources.
Finally, HealthTrust Europe’s dedicated customer care team are on hand to support with any issues or queries throughout your contract length, meaning customers can rest assured knowing help is always available. The Covid-19 team is on hand to support you, with a dedicated helpline and department email address so you can access help whenever you need it.

Who can use the Framework?

This Framework has been designed for NHS bodies; Health Boards; NHS Trusts; Community Health Councils; NHS Scotland; Health and Social Care Trusts; Health Agencies and Constituent bodies of NHS Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. If your organisation isn’t included on this list, please get in touch via phone on 0845 887 5000 or via email on

If you are interested in learning more about the Covid-19 Framework, and want to find out how HealthTrust Europe could support your organisation during the pandemic, get in touch via the details listed above to speak to our dedicated customer care team.