HealthTrust Europe launches two new Frameworks to support during Coronavirus and beyond

HealthTrust Europe this week launches two new Frameworks that will help support organisations in their approach to the Coronavirus, as well as into the future. Both new Frameworks allow providers to ensure the utmost safety and cleanliness during the outbreak, maximising the safety of staff and patients. Beyond Coronavirus, the Frameworks aim to promote best practice in Linen & Laundry services and Waste Management in a range of settings, with the ambition of boosting sustainable practices (for example, by reducing carbon in transportation and delivering recycling/reuse opportunities).

Linen & Laundry Services

HealthTrust Europe’s Linen & Laundry (L&L) Framework offers a fully comprehensive, cost-effective and quality controlled linen and laundry service that includes processing (wash and finish), transportation (collection and return) and linen hire. The L&L Framework also covers the hire of essential textiles, including CE marked, reusable barrier Theatre textiles – ensuring healthcare organisations have adequate stock levels of the essential items and guaranteeing all items are fit for purpose as well as the benefits of a fully managed service.

The Framework has been developed for a number of reasons. It provides organisations and providers with market-leading suppliers in the L&L field, offers an express service for quick item turnarounds when needed and customers will also have access to a supply of emergency items upon request. Introducing a comprehensive L&L Framework is also hugely beneficial in terms of encouraging sustainable practices; efficient delivery organisation and transportation management significantly reduces carbon emissions by minimising deliveries of stock, and expert cleaning services and handling of items can extend the lifetime of an item – helping promote recycling and reuse opportunities.

The L&L Framework is launching during the most unprecedented public health crisis for a generation. The Coronavirus has changed the way we look at sharing and exchanging items, and all organisations must be vigilant and rigorous in their day-to-day practice to ensure the safety of patients and their staff. The L&L Framework enables organisations to put in place stringent best practice linen management principles, whilst providing training and information for frontline staff to help tackle and eliminate transmission or contamination of materials.

Total Waste Management

The Total Waste Management Framework covers 5 distinct categories: domestic waste services, clinical waste services, reusable sharps waste services, confidential waste services and total waste management services. Each Lot contains the provision to safely remove, treat, dispose of, and handle specific types of waste across healthcare settings and beyond, enabling safe and effective waste management practices.
The Total Waste Management Framework allows access to market-leading suppliers in waste management, enabling organisations to benefit from expert handling whilst remaining entirely cost-effective and policy compliant. The Framework also supports sustainable principles, helping organisations to reduce their landfill contribution percentages and providing alternatives to waste removal that are more environmentally friendly.

The launch of the Total Waste Management Framework is particularly relevant in the current climate, as the Framework offers comprehensive service provision in waste disposal, maximising the protection of public health. In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, this has never been so important. Organisations must be even more vigilant in waste disposal to ensure the safety of their staff and the general public throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, and this comprehensive Framework can support organisations in minimising contamination and transmission, contributing to the overall strategy and approach to tackling the virus.

Accessing the Frameworks

If you or your organisation are interested in finding out more about the launch of our two new Frameworks, please get in contact with our dedicated customer care teams on 0845 887 5000 or email at Our team is on-hand to deal with any customer queries at this difficult time, and we are committed to supporting our customers and partners with solutions to protect staff and patients during these unprecedented times.