HealthTrust Europe unveils new Document Storage, Scanning and Related Services Framework

HealthTrust Europe is delighted to release its latest Framework today (Thursday 18th June), adding to its extensive healthcare services offering. The new Document Storage, Scanning and Related Services Framework has been designed to offer a simple and compliant route to market for the procurement of a range of documents and records management services.

As with all of our Frameworks, this latest addition is free to access and offers great flexibility. The framework is divided into 3 distinct Lots to fit to the individual needs of our clients.

Lot 1 – Total Document Storage, Scanning and Digitalisation Solutions

Lot 1 offers a full range of services covering storage, scanning and digitalisation solutions. This Lot also includes Electronic Document Management Systems (EDRMS) software, specifically designed to store and organise large volumes of digital documents. This is particularly essential in the healthcare sector, where patient records must be stored effectively and efficiently in order to be able to access them quickly but also ensure their absolute protection to maximise patient confidentiality.

Cloud solutions are also listed in Lot 1. Cloud storage is fast becoming the most efficient tool for data storage, as it is exceptionally secure, cost-efficient and simple to use, making it accessible for all users. Cloud storage is continuously evolving to be more versatile and effective, and it is fast becoming the ideal tool for data storage in the healthcare sector.

Lot 1 also contains provisions for digital transformation consultation, secure destruction of electronic records alongside other essential document storage and scanning platforms.

Lot 2 – Document Storage, Retrieval and Destruction Services

Lot 2 offers effective document storage, retrieval, and destruction services. Under this Lot, the focus is on document retrieval – a service that is fundamental for accessing specific text records against user queries. Document retrieval systems use a database of documents, a classification algorithm to build a full text index, and a user interface to access the database. For example, classic internet search engines use document retrieval software. In healthcare settings, a distinct database of information can be created, such as for a particular medical condition, and can easily filter user searches using its distinct algorithm.

Document retrieval is an effective tool that allows quick and reliable access to your expansive document library. Document retrieval is a complex system that can be put in place by our trusted, market-leading suppliers to make data accessibility a simple yet extremely effective process.

Lot 3 – Document Scanning, EDRMS, Digitalisation and Related Services

Lot 3 contains many of the provisions from Lots 1 and 2, including Cloud storage and EDRMS. However, it also contains document scanning – a service that is fundamental for the healthcare sector.

Traditionally, patient records, medical data and other such documents have been kept in paper form. This is the case in many healthcare settings, however paper documents can be more easily lost, altered or damaged. Physical documents can also build up and take up physical storage space. With document scanning software, paper documents can be converted into digital images. These digital images can be stored online, where they are secure, better organised and easy to access. This will help support towards the NHS Long Term Plan to move away from physical documents to digitalisation.

Why adopt this Framework?

The latest Framework provides extensive yet simple document storage, scanning and other related services. Our Framework opens up access to market-leading suppliers in the field, offering a package of services that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

The Framework is fully compliant in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations and therefore offers the best route to market for accessing related resources. HealthTrust Europe are also on-hand to support throughout the duration of the contract – meaning our customers have access to a dedicated team of experts who ensure an effective and efficient transition toward adopting new software.

To learn more about our latest Framework and how we can support your documentation needs, contact our dedicated customer care team who can assist you with any queries.

To download the framework brief click here.