HealthTrust Europe launches the Digital Hybrid Mail Solutions Framework

HealthTrust Europe are pleased to announce the launch of its latest Framework, supporting clients with the delivery of cost effective and straightforward solutions for their mail requirements. The latest Framework offers a simple and compliant route to market for the procurement of a range of mail services at competitive market rates – ensuring our customers always get the best value for money.
Not only does our latest framework ensure a strong return on investment, but it also connects our customers to market-leading suppliers. Our suppliers are able to offer a range of innovative strategies as well as the latest technologies, providing customers with a wide range of benefits.

Most importantly, our Digital Hybrid Mail Solutions offer services that enable customers to reduce their carbon usage. The framework agreement focuses on innovation and technological solutions – incorporating email mailings and reminders, SMS texting and wider use of E-communication as well as multi-format publishing. The Digital Hybrid Mail Solutions therefore helps organisations achieve their carbon reduction targets, and it complies with the NHS carbon reduction strategy.

Other services that are offered under the Digital Hybrid Mail Solutions framework include the management of returned mail; mailing, postage tracking and tracing services; the transformation of digital data into physical mail pieces at distributed print and mailing centres; as well as bulk email services amongst much more.

The framework is also designed to allow customers to tailor their own solutions package and design a bespoke product offering to fit their organisation’s needs. Solutions within the framework are able to be purchased separately, so that customers are never paying for a service they do not use. Once signed up to the framework agreement, customers will also be able to regularly order items and services they utilise most often at a set fixed price, meaning there are no cost increases during the agreement period.

As with all HealthTrust Europe frameworks, customers will benefit from having access to our expert team who can guide you through the framework process from start to finish. Customers will also have access to the expert suppliers as part of the framework, who have unmatched experience in supplying goods and services across the full spectrum of the public sector. Our trusted suppliers can offer their guidance and expertise on how specifications and processes can be standardised and rationalised to achieve even further cost and efficiency savings.

If your organisation is interested in accessing our new Digital Hybrid Mail Solutions framework to support you with meeting your mailing needs, you can get in touch with our dedicated customer care team to find out more by emailing or calling on 0845 887 5000. Our expert team is on-hand to deal with any customer queries.