Latest rules for agency staff procurement

Requirement to use approved frameworks for all agency staff procurement

From 1st April 2016, all trusts subject to the agency rules have been mandated by NHS Improvement (formerly Monitor/TDA) to procure all agency staff including nurses, doctors and other clinical staff via an approved framework provider.

Further information on the agency rules and price caps can be found here

HealthTrust Europe is an NHS Improvement approved framework provider and we are supporting trusts nationwide to procure their agency staff at the best possible rates in line with the price caps via a compliant route.

In situations where it is necessary to break glass on the grounds of patient safety, it is important that trusts do not move off framework to source agency workers. We have seen multiple examples of this costing trusts substantially more than staying on framework. In these instances we will work with you to ensure on framework delivery of agency staff at the best possible rates in line with the price caps.

HealthTrust Europe supported its customers in reducing above cap transactions by 7% in the month of March.

Our “Top Caps” league tables are now available to support our members in the procurement of agency staff. League tables are trust-specific and data-driven, providing you with a quick and easy method to select agencies that have demonstrated adherence to caps in specific band and grade options both regionally and by trust.

For assistance in eradicating your off framework spend and ensuring NHS Improvement compliance, please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated agency team on 0845 8874 979 or by email at