New Clinically-Led Renal Framework

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) framework for Renal Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis Consumables, Equipment, Associated Products and Services provides trusts with an opportunity to source a complete renal solution.

The new framework supersedes previous Haemodialysis Consumables and Home Haemodialysis frameworks, with the addition of five new Lots to provide an enhanced offering for trusts. This framework now covers the requirements for Haemodialysis Consumables, Home Haemodialysis, Dialysis Equipment, Dialysis Prescription Boxes, Peritoneal Dialysis and Dialysis Water Treatment.

The framework has been developed with both clinical and commercial involvement, enabling trusts to rationalise the supplier base and drive price discounts through aggregation of volume, whilst improving clinical efficacy. Clinical alignment has been fundamental in order to drive specification, meet end-consumer needs and develop effective contracting strategies.

The breadth of service and product offering enables trusts to procure a complete renal solution in a variety of ways, including the opportunity to aggregate Lots to access price discounts. It also allows multiple trusts to leverage their aggregated demand to unlock further price discounts under our committed spend Group Purchasing Model.

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